Restaurant Observation Project

Topics: Disgust, Hygiene, New Mexican cuisine Pages: 4 (1310 words) Published: May 1, 2006
Restaurant Observation Project

When given the task of finding a restaurant that has an open kitchen a restaurant that came immediately to my mind was the Roberto's taco restaurant just down the street from my house, on the corner of Maryland Parkway and Harmon Avenue. I had previously dined at this establishment on numerous occasions after long nights out at our local Las Vegas watering holes, until learning in my food purchasing class in the fall that Roberto's had received various demerits dealing with their cleanliness of work. 1.) Exterior of the Restaurant

The Roberto's on Harmon is adjoined with three other eateries behind a gas station in a strip mall type design. The parking lot was littered with trash, most of it seemed to be food wrappers from the Subway next door, burrito wrappers from Roberto's, or drink napkins from the bar adjoined to Roberto's. The parking lot was well lit with no bulbs out of commission. The landscaping left much to be desired, simply because there wasn't any. At first glance this particular Roberto's had no curb side appeal. The parking lot leads right onto the sidewalk which leads directly into the restaurant with no foliage of any kind in front of the restaurant. Their signage was appropriate in the fact that it has the name of the restaurant on it, but not appropriate in the fact that it's too high, and the first time I went there I didn't even know where I was going. The signage was also very hazy. The bulbs are bright inside but the wording seemed murky as if there was dirt or dust on the inside of it. 2.) Dining Area

Upon entrance of the restaurant I noticed that the garbage was overflowing, and that it was right next to the door. This is probably where all of the burrito wrappers from the parking lot came from. The floor of the establishment was somewhat dirty. All around were particles of tortilla, salsa both green and red, and vegetables from the uncovered vegetable/salsa serving area. The tabletops...
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