AP Spanish Extra Credit

Topics: Arroz con pollo, Cuban cuisine, Food Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: December 4, 2013

Spanish Extra Credit Assignment

When I first heard that the Spanish extra credit would consist of going to a Cuban restaurant, I said to myself, “What’s Cuban food.” Looking back at that, I have now realized how much amazing food I have missed out in my life. As I walked into the tropical-like atmosphere I was wondering how the food would taste. Spicy, sweet, and deep-fried were words that were rushing through my head. The waiter was a kind lady, who immediately gave my dad and I good-looking bread. When I put the bread into my mouth, an explosion of buttery, juicy bread excited my taste buds. It was only a couple minutes in, and I already liked the food. When the waiter came back, my dad had asked the waiter what were some good appetizers to devour on. She stated that the papa rellena, tamal en hoja, and tostones rellenos were good foods to try. I was curious why she chose these three, but when they came and I put them in my mouth, I understood why. They each had their own unique taste, with the papa rellena being my favorite one. It was so interesting and tasty how they stuffed beef into a potato. For the main course, I decided to try something different and amusing. I ordered a rabo encendido, which is the tail of an ox. Even though it sounds disgusting, it was surprisingly good, with a soft, beefy-like taste to it. My dad ordered arroz con pollo, which when arrived at our table was like a mountain of rice. I must say that for the first time in my life, I didn’t have room for desert. In the end, my dad and I brought boxes of left over Cuban food home, both agreeing that the food was worth the price. My overall impression of the restaurant was actually very good. I thought the food was excellent, with huge plates of it. The waiter was nice, and it was funny how sometimes she made me have to respond in Spanish. The atmosphere was happy, with great tropical-like decorations covering the restaurant. It wasn’t crowded or noisy, with the...
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