Similarities between McDonald's and In-N-OUT

Topics: Fast food, Hamburger, Restaurant Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: January 30, 2012
There are two major fast food restaurants that people choose. One is McDonald’s; the other one is IN-N-OUT. Between McDonald’s and IN-N-OUT, there are some similarities and differences. The first similarity is price. You can buy a combo meal including a hamburger, a pack of french fries, and a soda. Both their price are no more than 10 dollars. Another major similarity is management. Not only McDonald’s but also IN-N-OUT, there are lots of chain stores everywhere in America. Despite these similarities, the two fast food restaurants differ in some ways. First, it is the freshness of the food. At McDonald’s they cook food before the customer comes. On the other hand, at IN-N-OUT they cook food after the customer comes to order. So the food at IN-N-OUT is fresher than At McDonald’s. A final difference is secret menu. At McDonald’s all foods you can order are on the menu. However, at IN-N-OUT not all foods are on the menu. On their menu, they are just cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, hamburger, french fries, and soda. It seems that too less kinds of food are provided. Yet it’s not truth. In fact, there are other foods like wish burger, Animal Style Fries, Flying Dutchman, Protein Style, etc you can eat. All in all, there are some similarities and differences I have noticed between McDonald’s and IN-N-OUT. Some people like McDonald’s; some people like IN-N-OUT. That’s all right. You can choose what you want.
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