IB FOA English Lang & Lit Crit

Topics: Advertising, Rhetorical question, Figure of speech Pages: 2 (309 words) Published: May 9, 2014
Internal assessment: Further Oral Activity
Topic: Fast Food Advertising
Part 2: Language and Mass Communication
Date: 24/4/2014

Criterion A: 9/10 Knowledge and understanding of text(s) and subject matter or extractYou showed pleasing knowledge of your topic and your advertisements. Well done for identifying the three demographics: men, women, children and skeptics. It was evident that you were very aware of how the advertisements were aimed at these demographics. Criterion B: 9/10

Understanding of how language is usedYou thoroughly discussed the language techniques used to attract your three groups. Some of the things you mentioned were: Children:
Visual stimuli
Rhyme: Happy Mum, Happy Tum
Implicit sexual connotation
Colour: red suggests sex
Personification: “Stop staring at me like I’m some piece of meat” •Rhetorical question and pun: “Are you Mac enough?”
Personal pronoun: you
Subliminal messaging: The thing you want when you order salad; what they want is placed behind the font •You could have included the size of the burger and what it symbolises. Skeptics:
Font: you compared the small simple font to the larger fonts in the other advertisements. •You neglected to mention ambient media. Perhaps this does not only show that it’s aimed at skeptics, but rather a move from some more traditional advertising approaches. Criterion C: 4/5 OrganisationYour presentation was well-organised and you linked your ideas together carefully. Well done for comparing and contrasting elements of your presentation, especially how advertisements change depending on the demographic. Criterion D: 4/5 LanguageYou presented your ideas well and formally. Well done for showing this through your choice of language. There were only two suggestions I can make. Spectator: refers more to sport. You should use audience or target audience Hypercritical: hypocritical. This was a small pronunciation issue. Overall: 26/30Overall you completed...
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