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Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Human resources Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Most experts suggest that knowledge skills and abilities also known as KSA’s are needed by most candidates in order to fully identify the individuals skill set in relation to the job opening (Dessler, 2008). This is usually part of the selection process and helps when screening for the job. KSA’s are usually coupled with resumes to further qualify a candidate. They focus on credentials earned from previous employment which focus on accomplishments and experience gained through those periods as well as implementation. Knowledge refers to the entire body of information which is factual or procedural in nature in relevance to the position. Skills refer to the verbal management and the mental manipulation of data which is normally measured through a test. Abilities refer to the power to execute an activity successfully (The Importance of KSA’s, ND). As a resume offers an overview of the applicants work history, KSA’s are normally offered in an essay format which is geared towards the requirement of the job description and identifies the individuals relevant work experience in relation to a specific position. The experts are right in seeking this additional information from applicants. As the job market is getting tougher, it is important to identify the right candidate with the job and filter the rest. This procedure is all part of the job analysis process which is necessary in selection. Candidates who have the needed experience but who also possesses additional experience can bring more value and sometimes offer more expertise to the position. The utilization of this method is definitely more practical and is much more efficient than screening a resume alone. Reference

Dressler (2008). Human Resource Management. 11th Edition. Prentice Hall: Upper Saddle River, NJ. The Importance of KSA’s. ( ND) Retrieved on August 28, 2009 from
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