Having a job

Topics: Ethnic group, Emotional intelligence, Intelligence Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: March 12, 2014
Having a job is one of the most important aspect of human survival, especially in these difficult economic times. Jobs help to give people some form of financial stability and enables them to take care of their personal and family needs in life. There is always constant competition for jobs everyday because there are millions of applications that are sent to the different jobs for one position. When searching for a job , it is important to remember that employees are looking for individuals with experience, qualification, and the right attitudes and skills. There is a huge stress on attributes and skills because they contribute a lot to the running and functioning of a business. Some of the skills and attributes of high demand in the jobs area are ; having high emotional intelligence, the ability to work in teams and the ability to work with and respect those of different ethnic standards within your organization.

Having high intelligence on the job is very important.What is emotional intelligence?. This is basically and interpersonal skill developed when you know how to control your emotions and get them out in a professional and mannerly way no matter what or how hard the situation may be. In other words"keep your cool no matter what". This skill is very important especially if you deal with customers on a one on one level everyday. At times there can be customers who may come across as obnoxious and ill-mannered , and being humans we would want to lash out or quarrel back. However, it's your responsibility to deal with it professionally and to be as calm as possible. If you have not developed this skill it shows that you are not fit to deal with customers and eventually would be out of a job. Also, customer care representatives are the face of a business . In other words, those who deal with the customers represents the company's values and vision and they have the power to bring in or chase away the customers of any organization.

The ability to work...
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