Felix Murder Mystery Pt 1

Topics: Ear, Earring, Body modification Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: January 9, 2011

Chaturya Gudala 1/9/11
Period 6
Assig. # 32

• Who killed Felix?
• When exactly was he killed?
• What weapon was used to kill him?
• Why did they kill Felix?


FELIX NAVIDAD is the victim in this case. Felix was not very well-liked. That was probably because he continuously criticized people. He was not a very happy person and his parents had died from a bungee-jumping accident. Since his parents died, Felix inherited a lot of money from his parents. He recently bought a 2-bed 1-bath beach house in an expensive neighborhood and decided to invite 4 of his friends over to his house. Their names were Kendra Goode, Vera Cruise, Gene Poole, and Alfredo Fettuccini. The 4 friends didn’t like Felix very much, but since they were each equally placed in his will, they went. These 4 people are the suspects for this crime. Felix’s body had no external injuries. Felix dropped out of college and he never kept a job for more than a month.

KENDRA GOODE is an artist. White powder was found on her shoes and white powder was also found in the crime scene. She has pierced ears and an earring was found in the crime scene. There was also blue paint found in the crime scene (she’s an artist so there’s a connection). Kendra claims to have been taking a shower at 2:30 P.M. and came down at 3:00 P.M. when she heard Alfredo call.

GENE POULE is an office manager. He has a blind dog named Sasha who’s faithful. There were dog prints in the crime scene, but he says that he would never let his dog in. There were also sandal prints in the crime scene which looked like Gene’s. He claims that he fell asleep around 12 P.M. and woke when he heard Alfredo call at 3:00.

VERA CRUISE is a chemist. She also has a pierced ear and there was white powder found on her tennis shoes. An M&M wrapper was found in the trash can in the trash can. She claims to have been in a...
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