picking cotton essay

Topics: Police, Rape, DNA Pages: 4 (1562 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Let The Truth Finally Be Revealed
Jennifer Thompson was a straight-A student at Elon University in Burlington, North Carolina. She had her life all planned out: maintain straight A’s, graduate with a 4.0 GPA, and marry her boyfriend, Paul. Jennifer said frightened “Who is that? Whose there?” I said, “Allowing myself to think it must be Paul, or someone playing a stupid joke” (12). Then suddenly she looked and saw a stranger in her room. Before she knew it, she was getting raped. During her attack, she made sure she paid attention to her attacker’s features and his voice. The rapist began to hiss “Shut up or I’ll cut you!” he hissed, “while clamping a glove hand down her mouth” (12). He proceeded to brutally rape her, with a knife at her throat. “I’m afraid of knives.” I told him, “I can’t relax until you put it down. Can you put it outside? On my car?” (15-16). Jennifer stayed as calm as possible, trying to remember as many details about her assailant as she could, until she managed to escape. She tried staying calm and having conversations with this man and stayed calm the entire time. When she had the chance and knew he wasn’t there she began to run and was shouting for help. As she ran screaming to the top of her lungs a nice family opened the door and let her in. They took care of Jennifer and took her to the hospital. Through an inept summary and analysis of Picking Cotton, readers will be able to understand key points throughout the book, and determine why or why not they should pursue reading the book. After Jennifer got out of the hospital police were all over her case they detectives wanted to find out who would do such a thing? So the police would have to take Jennifer down to the police department where she would meet with Detective’s. As she got to the police department Jennifer went down to meet a sketch artist. Once the sketch was done, the lead detective on her case was Detective Gauldin. Detective Gauldin decided that it would be best if the...
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