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  • Prisons

    In the United States‚ prison overcrowding and budget cuts within the criminal justice system have lead to an increase in the need and the development of private prisons and jails. "A private prison is a place in which individuals are physically confined by a third party that is contracted by a local‚ state‚ or federal government agency. Private prison companies typically enter into contractual agreements with local‚ state‚ or federal governments that commit prisoners and then pay a per diem or

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  • Prisons

    Beasley Jail’s and Prison’s Response Prisons range from minimum to maximum security. They are designed to house criminals who have committed similar types of offenses. The penal institutions of developed countries usually offer better living conditions and greater inmate safety than those found in undeveloped or authoritarian nations. Although most correctional facilities are intended to incarcerate adult‚ civilian criminals‚ prison types‚ exist for military personnel‚ juveniles‚ violent

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  • Prison

    Memo Date: March 27‚ 2013 To: Federal Bureau of Prisons From: Karrington C Norris Subject: Overcrowding of Juvenile Correctional Facilities Introduction Within the juvenile correctional facilities community‚ there are public and private institutions that both experience and suffer from similar problems. The problems that face these facilities are overcrowding. Through close comparison of the major issues with juvenile correctional facilities‚ the institutions are revealed to be ineffective

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  • Prisons and Prison Reforms in India

    The existence of Prisons can be traced back to the ancient period. Initially there was a belief that rigorous isolation and custodial measures would reform the offenders. In due course it is being substituted by the modern concept of social defense. Custody‚ care and treatment are the‚ three main functions of a modern prison organization. For over 100 years‚ there was emphasis on custody which‚ it was believed‚ depended on good order and discipline. The notion of prison discipline was to make

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  • Prisons: Prison and Student Website

    |[pic] |Course Design Guide | | |College of Criminal Justice and Security | | |CJA/234 Version 2 | |

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  • Public Prisons Vs Private Prisons

    private prisons are more effective because they have lower recidivism rates. However‚ this is not true. As stated by Peter Kerwin‚ “private prisons are likely to serve as many as two to three more month behind bars than those assigned to public prisons and are equally likely to commit more crimes after release‚ despite industry claims to lower recidivism rates through high-quality and innovative rehabilitation programs” (2015) this quote shows that more offenders return to private prisons than those

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  • Prison Gangs In Prison Case Study

    Controlling gangs in prison is not and has never been an easy task. No strategy is possible to eliminate the vice totally. However‚ some strategies have proved to control prison gangs to a large extent. The main strategy is the one that was applied in the state of Texas in 1990s. In the strategy‚ confirmed gang members were isolated in separation wings and/or prison units‚ along with other intransigent inmates who balked at the institutional regime. Through intelligence-gathering and suppression

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  • Prison Overcrowding

    Prison Overcrowding Sherita Bowens American Intercontinental University April 24‚ 2010 Abstract Prison overcrowding is one of the many different problems throughout the world that law enforcement faces. Prison overcrowding not only affects those in law enforcement‚ it also affects the taxpayers in the community as well. The problem of overcrowded prisons is being handled in many different ways. Some of these ways have been proven to be sufficient and successful while others have not been

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  • Homosexuals In Prisons

    There are many situations of being homosexual living in prisons. It is either they would respect you for being who you are or they would just simply abuse what they see‚ sexually and physically. In many cases it has been a big problem that homosexuals in prison were the closest thing to having a “woman-like” in prison‚ therefore many male prisoners would tend to rape or sexually abuse what they crave for. In some of the cases‚ the peer pressure would really get to the prisoners and are sometimes

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  • Privatizing Prisons?

    Privatizing prisons? Abstract The main goal of a prison that is considered to be privatized is to maximize the profits within that prison. In order to maximize profits the budgets that include services for the inmates‚ protection for the public and staff‚ as well as the salary and benefits of the staff of the privatized prison may be analyzed and cut. By allowing the privatization within the prison system the public‚ the staff‚ and the inmates will find themselves in jeopardy.

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