Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Hairstyle, Death Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: July 1, 2015
01.07 Lab Questions.
Hair Detective
1. Describe the crime that you are investigating in this activity. Someone stole Crucial Cuts hair product and we need to figure out who did it 2. What evidence do you have to identify the culprit of the crime? The evidence we have to identify the culprit of the crime is a strand of hair and a trail of glitter. 3. Who stole the hair products? How do you know?

Jade stole the hair products. I know because her hair sample matches the hair that was found at the crime scene N-Squad
1. Describe the crime that you are trying to solve.
Whether or not the crash was a result of a hit and run or drunk driving 2. Who is one pioneer in autopsy? What did this person contribute to the practice of autopsies? One pioneer in autopsy is James Marsh. He devised a test that could better stand up in court after a man laced his grandfather’s coffee with poison and was acquitted. 3. How does alcohol affect the body? Give specific examples from the episodes. Alcohol affects the body by slowing the body down or depressing a drivers ability to react and think. It makes you less alert of things like when Cody was driving and didn’t see the other car. 4. Why is evidence important in forensic science? What evidence was important in the episodes? Why? Evidence is important because it gives you clues as to what happened in the crime and who committed that crime. The evidence that was important in the episode was the beer can. It was important because it gave clues to how the accident happened and/or who drinks it.
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