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Hair Detective
Your first lab link can be found at Describe the crime that you are investigating in this activity. I was investigating about who snuck in the Curtail Cuts bedroom, messed with their clothes and left a trail of glitter hair gel. What evidence do you have to identify the culprit of the crime? I have a trail of glitter hair gel leading to the Sassy Snips dressing room, this leads me to thinking it might’ve been a girl. Plus I could examine the hair + gel and see who’ve done the crime. Who stole the hair products? From the girl group I absolutely think the criminal was Jade. How do you know? I examined the hair/hair gel she left on the ground by doing tests on them N-Squad

Your second lab link can be found at http://webadveHYPERLINK "" Go through the three episodes and answer the following questions: Describe the crime that you are trying to solve. There was a car wreck and I do an Autopsy on the people who were in the car wreck, but that’s not all I gathered Blood, Urine, Virtual Water, and tested it on things plus I collected a beverage called "Blue-Dog-Beer", and this substance lead me to a Bar, plus a Bartender at the place. Who is one pioneer in autopsy?...
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