forensic science module 1.7

Topics: Crime, Manslaughter, Criminal law Pages: 1 (173 words) Published: December 3, 2014
module 1.7
lab questions: hair detective
1. The crime being commmited in this investigation would have to be theft because the hair products were stolen. 2. The evidence i have to identify the culprit of the crime would be a piece of hair. 3. Jade stole the hair products because the hair matched at the crime scene that wasnt one of the boys was bleached and in bad condition resulting me into thinking Jade commmited the crime.

lab questions: N-Squad
1. The crime im trying to solve would have to be vehicular homicide and or involuntary manslaughter 2. Alexander Gettler was one of the contributors to the practices of autopsies, he was into toxicology, he was also known as "the father of toxicology". 3. Alcohol affects the body becuse it impairs judgement, reaction time, and also acts as a depressant. 4. Evidence is important to forensic science because it helps solve the crime and it contributes DNA to find the criminal. The evidence important in the episodes was the broken glass, the green goo, and mostly the blue dog beer can.
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