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Activity 1.1.2: Examining the Scene

It is 10:20am on August 14, 2012 in Anytown, USA. The police have searched the house and secured the scene. Because the manner of death has not been determined and there are no witnesses, the police are temporarily referring to the scene as a crime scene until they have more information. It is now time for your team to begin your investigation. The scene appears to be limited to the front entry hallway, a 10’ x 15’ space. It is essential that the scene is systematically searched, documented, and all evidence is properly collected. In this activity you will play the role of crime scene investigators to examine the scene for clues. Equipment

Laboratory journal
PBS Course File
Activity 1.1.2 Crime Scene Sketch
Unit 1 – Investigative Notes Resource Sheet
Activity 1.1.2: Crime Scene Search Methods (Optional)
Part I: Organizing Ideas
1. Note that it is your job in this unit to determine Anna’s manner of death. Was her death a homicide, an accident, or due to natural causes? 2. Think about the best way to organize all of your evidence from Unit 1. Pay attention to the following listed below. Note: You will continue evidence analysis in the remaining parts of this unit. Examination of the scene

Information gathered from the persons of interest, including whereabouts and potential motives Analysis of evidence from the scene
Evidence from initial examination of the body

3. Obtain a Unit 1 – Investigative Notes Resource Sheet. Note that you will use this sheet to compile any ideas you may have about the case or interpret any new evidence. You will use your Investigative Notes to help craft a final case report and determine the manner of death at the end of the unit. Part II: Crime Scene Search Methods (Optional)

4. Obtain a Crime Scene Search Methods resource sheet from your teacher. 5. Familiarize yourself with each search method.
6. Based on what you know about the scene,...
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