Crimes of Scott Peterson

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Scott Lee Peterson was born October 24, 1972 in San Diego, California to Jacqueline Helen Latham and Lee Arthur Peterson. His family was big and athletic and he was raised on strict guidelines set by his father. As a kid, Scott loved to hunt and fish and played golf in high school. He attended the University of San Diego High School and graduated from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo (A.K.A. Cal Poly) with a B.A. in agricultural business in 1997. While attending Cal Poly, he worked as a waiter in a café, when he met his future wife, Laci Denise Rocha. Those who knew him described Scott as gentle and generous and very reserved when it came to expressing emotion. His father always told him to keep his feelings in check but every once in a while something would push him over the edge and he would snap. Scott Peterson would soon be under fire for the disappearance and murder of his wife Laci and unborn son Conner. OFFENSE/CRIME

December 23, 2002 would be the last time anyone other than Scott Peterson would see or hear from Laci Peterson, Scott’s 27 year old pregnant wife, when Sharon Rocha, Laci’s mother, phoned her daughter on the evening of the 23rd. Exactly what events played out later that night or early the next morning may never be known. A neighbor reported seeing the couple’s dog roaming the street with a muddy leash dragging the ground. The neighbor was in a hurry and only put the dog in the fenced backyard after seeing Laci’s car in the driveway. On Christmas Eve 2002, Scott left Laci a voicemail asking her to pick up a Christmas gift that he wasn’t able to get because he was running late after his “fishing” trip. When Scott returned home late that afternoon, he cleaned up the house, did laundry and ate. He then called his Laci’s mother, Sharon, and asked if Laci was with her. After their conversation, Sharon called the police. Later that night, Laci was reported missing by Scott from their Modesto, California home. At the time, she was just over 7 months pregnant with a baby boy they had planned to name Conner. The story quickly gained national attention. Initially, Scott Peterson was not considered a suspect in the case. It only became clear that he should be looked at as a suspect when inconsistencies in his statements to police were discovered as well as extramarital affairs. Peterson told Diane Sawyer of Good Morning America “his wife accepted his affair with Amber Frey, a single mom from Fresno, when he told her back in early December.” (Sawyer, 2003) The extent of these extramarital affairs would unfold throughout the investigation. It is believed that Scott had at least three affairs during the time he was married to Laci. Police also found it difficult to verify his alibi at the time Laci went missing. For months, the nation followed the disappearance and later on, the murder of Laci and her unborn son Conner. This case divided the nation of people following the trial in two, as groups rallied around him or against him. The case was such a powerful topic throughout the nation that People magazine named the trial “Trial of the Year” for 2004 (AccessData® Corp., n.d.).The Scott Peterson case was one of the most important, high profile cases in the nation. Lydell Wall, a detective with Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department and winner of the Timothy Fidel award said “there was an intense pressure to ensure accuracy. Because when it came down to it this case was about more than computer data, it was about people’s lives” (AccessData® Corp., n.d.).Little hard evidence existed in this case but a trial would yield much of the answers demanded from Americans following the case. On April 14,...

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