Who Killed Rockina

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Who Killed Rockina?

The Crime

Late one night, the famous rock star, Rockina, returned to her luxurious apartment from an appearance at a Concert. As she entered her locked apartment, she noticed that everything in her apartment was a mess -- the drawers had been emptied out onto the floor; the cushions on the couch were ripped open; and the safe behind the picture on the wall had been opened. She then noticed that the lights were on in her bedroom.

She stormed into the bedroom and surprised a burglar in the process of removing her magnificent (and expensive) jewelry from its hiding place beneath the mattress. Indignant, she jumped on the burglar and tried to stab the person with her nail file. While she was able to inflict a small wound, she was no match for the assailant’s knife. In the subsequent struggle, she was killed, and the murderer escaped with her jewelry.

The Investigation

When the housekeeper, Casperina, entered her apartment the next day, she saw the body and immediately called the police. When they noted that there had been no signs of a forced entry, the investigation narrowed down to people who knew Rockina and who had a key to enable them to enter her apartment. The suspects were:

Casperina, the housekeeper, who had just had a bitter argument with Rockina over a refused raise in salary. Pinky, the leader of her band, who was her new boyfriend. It was rumored that Pinky was insanely jealous of Rockina’s fame. Lucifer, her former boyfriend, who she had just dumped for Pinky.

When it was established that all three of the suspects had a key to Rockina’s apartment, all had a motive for killing her, and none of the suspects had an ironclad alibi for the evening that she was killed, the police realized they had a problem. During the investigation, blood was found on the nail file used in the struggle. You take a sample of the blood from the nail file, Rockina, and each of the suspects for comparison and decide to make DNA...
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