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  • ear infection

    as effective as an adult’s because it’s still developing. This makes it harder for children to fight infections. EAR INFECTION: An ear infection is a common type of infection and is the result of an invasion of bacteria or viruses into the ear. An ear infection is a general term for several types of infections of the ears.Ear infections are very common in small children. Ear

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  • Ear Infections

    Ear Infections Have you ever had a painful infection in your ear that is stops you dead in your tracks? I am going to inform you about ear infections. An ear infection is an infection of the middle ear. Healthcare providers call this otitis media. You may wonder why I choose to inform you about this today but I am a victim of several serious ear infections‚ which I will later inform you about. Ear infections are inflammation of the middle ear. This inflammation often begins when infections

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  • Eye/Ear Instillation

    EYE/EAR INSTILLATION Description: Eye/ear instillation is done to combat infection. It is also done to relieve pain and discomfort. It may also be done to dilate or constrict the pupil‚ if eye instillation is done. Eye instillation is indicated for eye examination treatment of disease. However‚ it is contraindicated to those who have allergies to the medications used. An ear instillation‚ on the other hand‚ is a solution of topical medicine prepared for administration into the ear canal. Medicine

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  • The Human Ear and Its Interactions

    Science II The Human Ear and Its Interactions While most people hear sound and interact through using sound‚ most do not stop to really try to understand what is actually happening. This tends to be on an overall scale as well‚ not only do most not understand the mechanical processes that occur when our ears take in sound‚ but most do not understand what sound actually is‚ nor how the we interpret it. In this essay I will do my best to give a broad overview of the human ear‚ and even touch upon

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  • My Ear infection

    right ear that forced me to wake up. After several tries to go back to sleep‚ I gave up and mum had to fetch me to the hospital. The doctor on duty that night examined me. I was told that the right side of my throat had been so swollen that even the inner part of my ear was swollen. The doctor gave me an injection to ease my pain and prescribed me with medication. I felt fine when I woke up in the morning. The pain was gone but something was wrong. I couldn’t hear properly with my right ear. It

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  • Structure of the Eye and Ear

    iffany Goff Margaret Jenkins General psychology 7/11/04 Structures of the eye and ear We use our ears for the hearing sense‚ and we use our eyes for vision. Both are very important senses and would be hard to get along without. We rely on hearing for communication‚ navigation‚ entertainment and many other purposes Now for our eyes we use them for vision‚ their like our own personal camera’s‚ both have and use lens to focus on images.

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  • The Ear and Hearing Loss

    The Ear and Hearing Loss The ear is the organ of hearing and balance in vertebrates. The ear converts sound waves in the air‚ to nerve impulses which are sent to the brain‚ where the brain interprets them as sounds instead of vibrations. The innermost part of the ear maintains equilibrium or balance. The vestibular apparatus contains semicircular canals which in turn balance you. Any movement by the head‚ and this apparatus sends a signal to the brain so that your reflex action is to

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  • Eyes Ears Skin

    correspond with the ideal distance. Eye is ideal for reading distance is 30 cm. If the eyes are forced to stay focused on the visibility to less than 30 cm it would make your eyes become tired easily so that the greater the potential erkena myopic.  Ears Ears are as important as eyes.Listening

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  • Ear and Conscious Activity

    of courtesy and humility will disappear. He is born with feelings of envy and hate‚ and if he indulges these‚ they will lead him to violence and crime‚ and all sense of loyalty and good faith will disappear. Man is born with the desires of eyes and ears‚ with a fondness for beautiful sights and sounds. If he indulges these‚ they will lead him to license and wantonness‚ and all ritual principles and correct forms will be lost. Hence‚ any man who follows his nature and indulges his emotions will inevitably

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  • The Inner Ear

    The Inner Ear The inner ear which contains the a very important part of the hearing mechanism. This fluid-filled‚ snail-shaped cochlea purpose is to translate incoming sound waves into electrical signals so that the brain can understand its surroundings. The cochlea which is a Latin word for snailed-shell is a coiled‚ tapered tube containing the auditory branch of the inner ear. Its core component is the Organ of Corti‚ that is a cellular layer sitting on top of the basilar membrane for the sensory

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