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1.07 Lab questions

By adrifiorilo23 Sep 09, 2014 372 Words
Module One: Lab Questions
Hair Detective
Your first lab link can be found at 1.​Describe the crime that you are investigating in this activity. While the band was playing, a culprit snuck into the dressing room of the band and stole all their hair products. 2.​What evidence do you have to identify the culprit of the crime? The trail of glitter and the strands of hair acted as the evidence to see who the culprit was. 3.​Who stole the hair products? How do you know?

Jade stole the hair products. We used her hair follicle and a mixture of tools that we were able to use to magnify the hair and see if damage was done or any chemicals detected. We also used the tools to see if the DNA from each piece of hair matched the strand of the culprit’s strand. N-Squad

Your second lab link can be found at Go through the three episodes and answer the following questions: 1. Describe the crime that you are trying to solve.

The crime that I am trying to solve is to see who killed Cody and Anna during the car accident, making it a hit and run and was it on purpose or not. 2. Who is one pioneer in autopsy? What did this person contribute to the practice of autopsies? Detective Smart is a pioneer. Detective Smart went to the Pit Café and Bar ( the same one that Cody and Anna went to) and found out that Cody tried to persuade the bar tender to give him alcohol as a minor. 3. How does alcohol affect the body? Give specific examples from the episodes. Alcohol slows down your reaction time because it is a depressant. It makes you become disoriented and makes you less alert of things. 4. Why is evidence important in forensic science? What evidence was important in the episodes? Why? Evidence is important because it gives ideas of what happened in the crime. It also helps you determine the facts behind the crime. The beer bottle was a piece of evidence because it gave us a clue that the driver might have been drinking and driving.

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