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Describe the Importance of Continuing Professional

By HanJan22 Jan 22, 2012 272 Words
Describe the importance of continuing professional development - Unit 206 - 2.2

In all professions trends are always changing. Procedures and practices change. Research is always discovering new processes and learning strategies. It is important to stay on top of these changes within your professional field. Continuing professional development raises the standards of your skills set. To always be updating skills and developing knowledge and finding ways to do this is a positive attitude to take, to be successful at what you do and what will set you apart from the rest. In a school it is very important that it takes a keen interest in continuing professional development, it means its standards are likely to be high and would make it more appealing to parents seeking a placement for their child. In education and in the classroom it is important for all staff to be proactive in their own continuing professional development. In order to feel more positive and confident about their profession and to keep motivated and inspired by new ideas. It also means keeping up to date with the latest teaching techniques, regular reviews of procedures and practices, such as first aid and child protection. Most importantly is the benefit to the childrens education, it means they will always be receiving the most up to date and the highest standard of teaching, and using the latest equipment. It is equally important for employers to support and encourage continuing professional development for their staff, providing opportunities for teachers to develop their skills to create a better learning environment, and will enable every teacher and pupil to reach their full potential.

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