Unit 44 CPD

Topics: Health care, Continuing professional development, Learning Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: April 29, 2015
Nicole Taylor
Unit 44 – Understanding the role of continuing learning and development

P5 – explain how continuing development of staff influences practices and setting M3 – Assess how continuing development of staff can enhance the care of patients/ service users D2 – Evaluate how own effectiveness as a carer has developed as a result of workplace experiences

Continuous Professional Development – It refers to the tracing and documenting of the skills, knowledge and experience which an individual gains formally and informally as you work beyond any initial training. It is a record of what an individual may experience, learn and apply. CPD is generally used as a physical folder or portfolio which documents your development as a professional. The CPD process helps you manage your own development on an ongoing basis. Its function is to help you record, review and reflect on what you learn http://www.jobs.ac.uk/careers-advice/managing-your-career/1318/what-is-continuing-professional-development-cpd

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is essential for all staff working in health and social care. So what is CPD? Find a definition, reference it and explain why CPD is so important in health and social care. Consider different policies and procedures and ways of working, why should staff be continuously learning? Link to your placements and the different types of service users, do you think there are often changes with how things should be done? Consider service user’s needs, and also how they might communicate (again, keep making links to your placements). Also, equality and diversity, funding, practical care skills and life-saving skills for example. Do they all stay the same? How will we know if things have changed? Finish off with an overall conclusion. How CPD is important in Health and Social Care - Within any health care profession this is used as it helps professional to develop and allows them to update their professional knowledge, this for...
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