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Topics: Developmental psychology, Individualized Education Program, The Child Pages: 7 (1649 words) Published: May 8, 2014
Unit 141Professional practice in children’s care learning and development Outcome 1Understand the values, principles and statutory frameworks that underpin service provision in children’s care, learning and development

It is my understanding that in my continued professional development, as manager of my setting it is my role to ensure that myself and every member of the staff and management committee understand the values, principles and statutory framework that underpins service provision in children’s care, learning and development At all times in our centre the welfare of the child is paramount and we demonstrate daily professional practise in line with the new minimum standards, code of practice and the ethos of our setting. We understand that parents are the most important people in children’s lives and that with their support for their children’s learning and development, it is up to us as a staff team to enhance what the children have already been taught by their parents and ensure that through our daily plans, based on the 6 areas of learning, set in place by the education training inspectorate, make a positive impact on the children’s early learning skills to help them achieve a positive long term impact on their later learning and achievements. If young children are to get the early education and care they need, there must be a substantial change in the way working with young children is perceived. There needs to be clear roles in the early years workforce and standards are continually being raised with new publications like the Cathy Nutbrown report. Other publications such as together towards improvement, the curricular guidance for preschool education, the 0-6 strategy, the minimum new standards and all relevant or new legislation all have an impact on our staff team to ensure that everyone is working together to develop their professional practise ensuring that we are committed to providing an outstanding provision for pre- school education in our setting.

In my setting as part of the manager’s role I am required to keep on top of all new legislations and ensure that these are being implemented by myself and the staff team. This includes making sure that everyone has the appropriate qualifications to work in an early years setting and that we all avail of any training that becomes available that will enhance the staff teams knowledge to ensure that at all times we are providing high quality education and play, which is age appropriate and that the children are provided with the correct resources to develop this. I ensure that as a staff team, all members of staff get to work with any outside agencies in developing their own professional development, such as local primary schools, social services, eti, and our early years specialist. We are also part of the SEN building capacity pilot scheme which has provided very in depth training to all members of staff and has proved very beneficial to the staff to help identify additional needs, put strategies into place for the children and if needed develop Individual Education Plans, working in partnership with the parents to help the child develop in whatever area they are having difficulty in, so that we know when they move onto primary school we have supported them in their development to the best of our professional ability. We ensure that we contribute to children’s care learning and development in every aspect of our practice and service by constantly reviewing our work through our daily observations and evaluations of the day. We take into account every child’s needs rights and views and incorporate these into our ever changing daily plans and routines. I believe in our setting we all have a very good working relationship with all parents and families and operate an open door system at all times. We meet with parents a few times a year to discuss how their child has settled in and also their transition onto primary school, also we meet up when...
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