Competency Goal 6

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To maintain a commitment to professionalism I must remember that the parents are the primary teachers and I am there to support them. To me professionalism begins at the top, therefore in order to maintain a commitment to professionalism I will perform my job to the best of my ability. In order to help nurture the potentials of the children there are goals and activities that must be set forth. My goals for children are to instill a sense of well being and accomplishment, while infusing knowledge. In order for this to be accomplished this will not only include the students but also their families and teachers.

Some of my goals include commitment , organization, and helping promote learning and child development. I will continuously observe the children to gather information about their skills so I can plan appropriate activities. Skills will include writing, language, use of materials, and fine motor skills. I will work with other professionals and parents to help me make a decision on the needs of the children and families.

I find that meeting the needs of the children requires strong commitment. Working with children also takes time and dedication. I complete developmentally appropriate curriculum for each age group, even if it means doing extra work at home. In order to maintain professionalism I believe its important to communicate. I communicate not only with the children but with the parents and teachers. Its always good to know what area a child is lacking in during school, that way I can provide extra help when they are under my care.

There are many different activities that I do with each age group of children in order to achieve my professional goals. These activities include open ceremony and discussion time. In this time the children are able to talk about their day at school, their weekend, or any other topics that they bring up. Other activities include homework, kids...
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