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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
CPD stands for continuing professional development. It is a tool for self-management of your development. Some of you will already formally practice CPD to maintain your professional status within a particular discipline for example. For others it may be a new concept. It isn’t a one-size fits all package, and it need not be formally assessed. It can provide a framework to support your development in a number of different ways. Fundamentally, it's a question of regularly setting yourself objectives for development and then charting your progress towards achieving them. It's about being clear where you are, where you want to be, how you plan to get there, and how this meets current and future business needs. And it is about a continuing process of reflecting on your learning and your experience to maximise its value. Why is Continuing Professional Development important?

Continuing profession development is important because it gives employees the chance improve on their current skills which could enable them to get promotions also continuing professional development for example if a colleague wants to excel in their career have a CPD training day will allow them to update their knowledge. CPD is also important because enables people to improve their professional skills for example it can help improve safeguarding for children and young people or to inform people about new guidance’s from the government i.e. new legislations, updated acts. Also if a school has recruited a sustainable amount of new staff a CPD training day will benefit them because it will update them with what’s new and can improve their performance.
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