Children: Development Plan and Staff

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Unit 145 Promote Professional Development

Outcome 1 Understand Principles of professional development

Assessment Criteria 1.1
Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice

Professional development enables that a setting is keep up to date and to change proactively so that their our setting can relevant and appropriate .It is important to make the most out of investment in a professional development it should be planned with the setting vision in their focus .By embedding personal professional development into their culture is best to respond to day to day challenges and pressures . Planned development is intended to achieve specific outcomes that may be either focused in the needs of an individual and may contribute to the learning needs of the setting .If an individual identifies the need for training in a particular area for example ‘first aid’ this request should be assessed for the setting and individuals needs .This will benefit the individual and the setting which they can specialist skills and knowledge which they can then use to train other staff .Improving knowledge and practice increases the capabilities of staff ,bringing out personal enhancements and opportunities for them as individuals ,expanding their skills .Making sure the management give a range of training opportunities to staff and try and make their needs of training courses they wish to take .I would find out the training courses they wish to take through appraisals and appraisals forms .Ensuring management support individuals through courses and help if they need .

Assessment Criteria 1.2
Analyse potential barriers to professional developments

Professional development is an essential activity for all staff working in the childcare setting in order to safeguard the children .Knowledge is not static ,things staff or management though they knew for a fact may turn out to be wrong .Ensuring research and development is a key feature of childcare. When management plan individuals personal development, it is important to engage the expected individuals in the process as partners .Barriers than may occur with professional developments are when individuals are unable to attend courses due to personal commitments ,working with them to resolve the situation by finding a different time or date for the same course .Ensuring that all staff know the benefits of the course and the opportunities’ that might result from going to them. As a manager I do not have to think of all the possible solutions to developments .By creating a environment that encourages and expects the staff to share responsibility and to think up solutions and support each other .Making sure all solutions are realistic and achievable . Managing time can be a barrier as it takes time to identify individual needs and interests .Also to assess what things will bring about most benefit to the staff and the setting .Making sure that I take account individual interests as well as the settings needs, although setting needs may take priority.Staff will feel more motivated to work whe their interests are supported ,ensuring that the activity is valued not jus another chore for them to do .Staff need to be encouraged to put their learning into practice. Another barrier may be resources as they may not be enough to meet everybody’s needs and wants .It is important to ensure that the resources are used efficiently and fairly as possible . Sometimes when time is difficult maybe when understaffed or staff off due to illness management may need to reduce the amount of development that can be supported .This could cause addition stress on staff and possible loss of good will .Ensuring that management justify their decisions ,sorting activities into priority categories .

Assessment Criteria 1.3
Compare the use of different sources and systems of support for professional development

Not all professional developments will be achieved by attendance to...

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Advanced early years care and learning level 4 & 5
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