Byzantine Empire

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CPUSH (Unit 1, #3)Name _____Maria Salazar ______________________

British Colonization in North America: Southern, New England, & Middle Colonies

I. Settling the British Colonies
A. Unlike the Spanish & French, the British colonies were not funded or strictly ______strictly____________________ by the king: 1. ______________join stock________________________ companies were formed by investors who hoped to profit off new colonies 2. Once a _charter_________________________ was gained from the king, the company could maintain a colony in America II. Virginia

A. In 1606, the __Virginia_______________________ Company was formed by investors hoping to find ___gold_____________ in the New World B. In 1607, _____________Jamestown_______________ became the first permanent British colony in America C. The “Starving Time”—Jamestown struggled to survive 1. The location on the Chesapeake was swampy & located in the heart of the _________Powhatan____________________________ Indian lands 2. Colonists expected immediate wealth from gold, failed to plant crops, & faced major __starvation____________________________ 3. With the brief exception of ___John Smith _______________________, Jamestown lacked leadership to unify the colonists D. Jamestown Survives

1. The Jamestown colonists hoped to find wealth and they did. 2. In 1612, John Rolfe experimented with a hybrid form of _____tobacco___ 3. Tobacco forced colonists to expand to find new ___lands____________ & some were able to build large _________plantations_________________ 4. Tobacco created a need for field laborers to plant & pick the crop 5. Due to the success of tobacco, Jamestown grew into “Virginia” E. To meet the demand for field workers, Virginians used

1. ____________________indentured servants_____________________________ from England; Typically poor men who agreed to work for a land owner for ____4-7______ yrs in exchange for travel to America. In 1618, the __________head right system________________ system was created; 50 acres were given to anyone who brought an indentured servant to America 2. African _____slaves____________

F. Virginia Society
1. Virginia had a rigid social hierarchy
a. Top: The owners of tobacco plantations
b. Middle: ___small farmers_________________________ were the largest class; Came as indentured servants; most were very poor c. Bottom: Indentured servants were often mistreated
d. Very bottom: African slaves
2. There were very few ____women____________ in Virginia, which made it difficult for colonists to marry or to have _____families_____ G. Virginia Government
1. In 1619, Virginia colonists created a legislative assembly to create local __taxes______________ & taxes 2. The Virginia ____________House of Burgesses____________________ became the 1st legislative assembly in America H. Bacon's Rebellion

1. Former indentured servants in western VA ____suffered_________________ from poor tobacco prices & Indian ____attacks__________ 2. Poor farmers, led by Nathaniel Bacon, blamed Virginia’s _______royal governor____________________________ & started a rebellion 3. Bacon’s Rebellion proved to rich Virginians that _______slaves________________ were better than indentured servants because slaves would never ask for land III. The New England Colonies

A. The Founding of New England
1. Colonists who first settled in New England came for ______religious_________________ reasons 2. Disagreements in the ___Anglican________________ Church over how to practice the faith led to divisions: a. _____________puritans__________ believed that the Anglican Church compromise too far by allowing some Catholic rituals; Puritans believed in the ____calvanist_____________ idea of predestination & tried to live strictly “Christian” lives without sin b. _______sepatists_________________________ were radical Puritans who were unwilling to wait for church...
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