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Massachusetts Bay Colony

of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was simultaneously theocratic, democratic, oligarchic, and authoritarian in different ways. The Puritans founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1628 and wanted a well-established government, but they ended up mixing all of these together. This colony was important because it was one of the first provincial and true governments to be introduced into the colonies. It also provided an example to other colonies to base their governments on. The Massachusetts Bay Colony...

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Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colonies

Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colonies The Reformation was the driving force behind English Catholic dissenters, many of which would eventually form the base of groups heading for new lands to find religious freedom. These people would come to be called Puritans and their goal was to purify the Church of England. They wanted to do away with the “offensive” features such as Church hierarchy and traditional rituals of Catholic worship in order to promote a relationship between the individual and...

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Massachusetts Bay Colony Dbq Essay

resulted in the little colony of Plymouth in the New World? The religious turmoil in the Old World that resulted in Plymouth was the Protestant Reformation. This created a branch of protestantism called puritanism. The dutch puritans wanted to escape so they asked the King for a charter and started Plymouth in the New World. Why was the initial and subsequent colonization of the Massachusetts Bay Colony more successful than Plymouth? The initial colonization in Massachusetts Bay Colony was more successful...

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Puritans: Massachusetts Bay Colony and New England Colonies

was being ran, so they many of them came to America and set up the Massachusetts Bay colony. The leader of this Colony was John Winthrop. The Puritans believed through religion and hard work they could build a perfect commuity. The Puritans influenced the political, economic, and social development of the New England colonies using religion. The Puritans had many influences on the political outcome of the New England colonies. The Puritans form of government was almost like a theocracy which is...

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Massachusetts and Virginia Colonies

Massachusetts and Virginia Colonies Massachusetts and Virginia were two of the early colonies in the new world. Although these two colonies originated from the same place they are very different. Virginia needed slaves for labor while the citizens of Massachusetts worked in production and had less slaves or indentured servants. Virginia traded cash crops such as tobacco and the colonists in Massachusetts build ships and traded fur among other things. While Massachusetts and Virginia were both...

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The Puritans of Massachusetts Bay

The Massachusetts Bay Colony was an English settlement in North America in the early 1600’s. It was formed by Puritan settlers fleeing religious persecution in England. The lands which became the Massachusetts Bay Colony had previously been inhabited by Native Indians. The Company of Massachusetts Bay received a charter to start a settlement in the New World in 1629. The charter granted the company the right to establish a settlement. The passengers of the “Arbella” who left England in 1630 with...

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Compare And Contrast Jamestown And Massachusetts Bay Colonies

began exploring the New World. Amongst the first groups to colonize included; the English in Virginia, Plymouth, and the Massachusetts Bay. Individually the colonies had their own reasons for inhabitation and exploration. They endured many circumstances that obstructed the beginning of their settlements. Each society evolved, adapted, and faltered in their separate ways. Each colony had differing original goals for settlement. In 1607 Virginia, 104 men reached the land they called Jamestown, a trip...

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Virginia and Massachusetts Colonies

Virginia and Massachusetts in the terms of society and economy. Both colonies developed their own characteristics based upon the factors of: the economic motivation of the settlers, the political and religious motivation of the settlers, and the natural resources and climate of the region. Although located in different parts of the Americas they shared similarities and differences. In 1607, James I granted a charter for the settlement of Virginia. The first settlement in the Virginia colony was Jamestown...

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Jamestown vs Massachusetts Bay

profit. The 144 men who set sail for America in 1607 were entrepreneurs, meaning that their main reasons for settling in Virginia were for economic gain. The expedition was chartered by James I of England, making the future site of Jamestown a royal colony, and therefore supported by England. The men who traveled to Virginia were not known for their work ethic; they would rather have other people do the hard work for them. The majority of their work upon reaching Jamestown consisted of searching for...

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Development Of The Virginia And Massachusetts Colonies

else. People will go through all sorts of difficulties and obstacles to make it in life. Striving for wealth and power is something that brings both positive and negative results. During the colonial period the development of the Virginia and Massachusetts colonies was greatly influenced by the effects of the search for riches and power. Each area had common basic interests, but the ways in which they went about attaining these goals were in most views different. Prosperity was the major goal of everyone...

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