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Bring a Black ink pen Thesis: The Massachusetts Bay, and the Chesapeake region were both part of the New World where England was starting to colonize. Even though the people from these two locations originated from the same land (England), these colonies turned out to be extremely different from one another. They differed in the reason they settled the land, the economic activity of the region, and the demographics of the colonies. II. Motives for Settlement 1. Captain John Smith settled Chesapeake...

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Massachusetts Divorce Decree

Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Department SUFFOLK Docket No. 2012-12345 ________________________________ Patty Bean, ) Plaintiff/Wife ) ) ) V. ) ) ) David Bean, ) Defendant/Husband ) ________________________________) FINAL DIVORCE DECREE THIS CAUSE having come on to be heard before the Court upon the Wife’s Complaint for Divorce, and the Husband’s Counter Complaint...

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Massachusetts State Prison (Female)

Female Offender [Your name appears here] [Name of the professor/institute appears here] Counseling the Dually Diagnosed Female Offender Massachusetts Correctional Institution - Framingham (MCI-Framingham} is the Massachusetts Department of Correction's only committing institution for female offenders. It is located in Framingham, Massachusetts, a large town located midway between Worcester and Boston. The prison was once known as "Framingham State Prison". MCI Framingham is the official...

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How the Colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts Differ.

The colonies of Massachusetts and Virginia were located in separate regions of the New World and had many social and economic variations. The very laws and ideas these people have put into work are what have shaped America into the county it is today. When looking at these two colonies we know one thing is for sure, trade, land, religion, and natural resources were vital parts of their being. In this free-response essay I will contrast the colonies by how their societies were ran and how their economies...

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Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colonies

Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colonies The Reformation was the driving force behind English Catholic dissenters, many of which would eventually form the base of groups heading for new lands to find religious freedom. These people would come to be called Puritans and their goal was to purify the Church of England. They wanted to do away with the “offensive” features such as Church hierarchy and traditional rituals of Catholic worship in order to promote a relationship between the individual and...

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Anne Hutchinson Versus Massachusetts

stone hard words that John Winthrop spoke to/about Anne Hutchinson on her first trial day. While, he was speaking these harsh words that day it is said that Anne stood listening to the charges without even flitching. How did Anne Hutchinson versus Massachusetts effect historical, social, cultural, political, economic and global forces in the seventeenth century and present day? In the seventeenth century, the average person was able to recite scriptures correctly with the chapter and verse number. The...

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Colonial Massachusetts and Colonial Virginia

Throughout 1607 to 1750 colonies in Massachusetts and Virginia were being settled and growing. These two states grew up very different from each other in aspects such as their economic development and it's affect on their politics. In 1607, Jamestown in Virginia was the first permanent English settlement. It was in the Chesapeake Bay area. The people abroad the ships had ideas in their heads of digging and mining to find ways of obtaining gold, silver, and copper. It was their incentive to...

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Massachusetts and New England

economic, and social development of the New England colonies from 1630 through the 1660s? During the 1600s, waves of Puritan immigrants arrived in the region of New England, settling the area and establishing population centers in areas like Massachusetts Bay, where the part of Boston was established. In contrast to the Chesapeake region’s inhabitants, the Puritan settlers did not come primarily for economic interests, but rather out of a desire to create a more pure, moral Christian society based...

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Development Of The Virginia And Massachusetts Colonies

else. People will go through all sorts of difficulties and obstacles to make it in life. Striving for wealth and power is something that brings both positive and negative results. During the colonial period the development of the Virginia and Massachusetts colonies was greatly influenced by the effects of the search for riches and power. Each area had common basic interests, but the ways in which they went about attaining these goals were in most views different. Prosperity was the major goal of...

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Leislers Rebellion

• English wanted to expand direct political control into the Americas • Replaced government positions with English Military officials. • Over-threw colonists’ established laws • New England, especially Massachusetts, resisted. • England punished them, declared them a royal colony. • England established the “Dominion of New England” • James II as well as others practiced Catholicism and allowed it to be worshiped. • Glorious Revolution, William and Mary (daughter of James II) rebelled, established...

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