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Bring a Black ink pen Thesis: The Massachusetts Bay, and the Chesapeake region were both part of the New World where England was starting to colonize. Even though the people from these two locations originated from the same land (England), these colonies turned out to be extremely different from one another. They differed in the reason they settled the land, the economic activity of the region, and the demographics of the colonies. II. Motives for Settlement 1. Captain John Smith settled Chesapeake...

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Massachusetts Divorce Decree

Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Department SUFFOLK Docket No. 2012-12345 ________________________________ Patty Bean, ) Plaintiff/Wife ) ) ) V. ) ) ) David Bean, ) Defendant/Husband ) ________________________________) FINAL DIVORCE DECREE THIS CAUSE having come on to be heard before the Court upon the Wife’s Complaint for Divorce, and the Husband’s Counter Complaint...

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Massachusetts State Prison (Female)

Female Offender [Your name appears here] [Name of the professor/institute appears here] Counseling the Dually Diagnosed Female Offender Massachusetts Correctional Institution - Framingham (MCI-Framingham} is the Massachusetts Department of Correction's only committing institution for female offenders. It is located in Framingham, Massachusetts, a large town located midway between Worcester and Boston. The prison was once known as "Framingham State Prison". MCI Framingham is the official...

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How the Colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts Differ.

The colonies of Massachusetts and Virginia were located in separate regions of the New World and had many social and economic variations. The very laws and ideas these people have put into work are what have shaped America into the county it is today. When looking at these two colonies we know one thing is for sure, trade, land, religion, and natural resources were vital parts of their being. In this free-response essay I will contrast the colonies by how their societies were ran and how their economies...

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Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colonies

Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colonies The Reformation was the driving force behind English Catholic dissenters, many of which would eventually form the base of groups heading for new lands to find religious freedom. These people would come to be called Puritans and their goal was to purify the Church of England. They wanted to do away with the “offensive” features such as Church hierarchy and traditional rituals of Catholic worship in order to promote a relationship between the individual and...

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Anne Hutchinson Versus Massachusetts

stone hard words that John Winthrop spoke to/about Anne Hutchinson on her first trial day. While, he was speaking these harsh words that day it is said that Anne stood listening to the charges without even flitching. How did Anne Hutchinson versus Massachusetts effect historical, social, cultural, political, economic and global forces in the seventeenth century and present day? In the seventeenth century, the average person was able to recite scriptures correctly with the chapter and verse number. The...

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Colonial Massachusetts and Colonial Virginia

Throughout 1607 to 1750 colonies in Massachusetts and Virginia were being settled and growing. These two states grew up very different from each other in aspects such as their economic development and it's affect on their politics. In 1607, Jamestown in Virginia was the first permanent English settlement. It was in the Chesapeake Bay area. The people abroad the ships had ideas in their heads of digging and mining to find ways of obtaining gold, silver, and copper. It was their incentive to...

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Massachusetts and New England

economic, and social development of the New England colonies from 1630 through the 1660s? During the 1600s, waves of Puritan immigrants arrived in the region of New England, settling the area and establishing population centers in areas like Massachusetts Bay, where the part of Boston was established. In contrast to the Chesapeake region’s inhabitants, the Puritan settlers did not come primarily for economic interests, but rather out of a desire to create a more pure, moral Christian society based...

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Leislers Rebellion

• English wanted to expand direct political control into the Americas • Replaced government positions with English Military officials. • Over-threw colonists’ established laws • New England, especially Massachusetts, resisted. • England punished them, declared them a royal colony. • England established the “Dominion of New England” • James II as well as others practiced Catholicism and allowed it to be worshiped. • Glorious Revolution, William and Mary (daughter of James II) rebelled, established...

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Advantages and Disadvanetage of Civil Law

Civil Legal Aid: How Legal Aid Boosted the Commonwealth’s Economy in FY09 Summary Full report at www.mlac.org/research.html The work of legal aid programs funded by the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation brings in millions of federal dollars each year, wins millions more in financial support for low-income Massachusetts residents and saves the state the expense of costly social services. In FY09, the total boost to the Commonwealth’s economy amounted to an estimated $73.1 million. Revenue...

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The Life of Henry Knox

The life of Henry Knox Early Life Henry Knox was born on July 25, 1750 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the seventh of ten children to William Knox and Mary Knox. In 1759 William Knox a migrant captain died at the age of fifty after suffering financial difficulties. Three years after the death of his father and at the age of twelve, Henry Knox was forced to leave the “Boston Latin Grammar school” and went to work to support his family. He was hired as a apprentice to a bookseller were...

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Learning Team Week 3

materials traveled from one jurisdiction to another. Example: You – the photographer is located in Massachusetts, and your clients also reside in Massachusetts. However, you are shooting the wedding in let’s say Rhode Island. The big question now is whether or not you charge Massachusetts sales tax on this transaction… The Massachusetts Department of Revenue will advise that you should be collecting Massachusetts sales tax on this transaction, even though you physically photographed the wedding outside...

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The 13 colonies: Graphic Organizer (Northern, Middle, & South)

Tina Van History 146 October 12, 2014 Week 3: Graphic Organizer Northern 1. Massachusetts: Divided into the Plymouth colony & the Massachusetts Bay colony.  Plymouth: Founded by William Bradford & populated by the Pilgrims who were separatists from Anglican Church.  Massachusetts Bay: Founded by John Winthrop & strictly populated by Puritans who wanted to “purify” the Anglican Church. 2. Connecticut: Founded by Thomas Hooker, creator of the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut...

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What Makes Boston a Liveable City

Maybe we don’t brag enough. We live in an incredibly innovative place: Massachusetts is a magnet for people who want to solve challenging problems, build substantial businesses, and conduct research at the edge of what’s known. But while other businesspeople boast about the wonderful weather and great golf in Tempe, Ariz., or the stock options they got from a friend’s Silicon Valley start-up, sure to be worth millions, we never know quite what to say. Instead, we’re prone to jealousy, looking...

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Summer Assignment

we see the Massacre as ruthless murder, while in England the killings were just subjugation of rowdy protestors. The entire colonial system now had a common enemy. Once Parliament took over even more power in the colonies by handling the pay of Massachusetts officials, which sent of cries of despotism through the colonial population, the collective colonial disgust for Britain showed itself through the Boston Tea Party in allegory of the war soon to come that would change the face of the planet until...

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Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams Samuel Adams is one of America’s founding fathers and helped the nation come together at its beginnings. He was born on September 27, 1722 in Boston, Massachusetts. Adams was one of twelve children born to Samuel Adams, Sr., and Mary Adams; in an age of high infant mortality, only three of his siblings lived past their third birthday, luckily Samuel Adams was one of them to survive. Adams’s parents were devout Puritans, and members of the Old South Congregational Church. The family...

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The Causes and Consequences of the Boston Tea Party

On December 16th 1773 in Boston, Massachusetts, Bostonians led by Samuel Adams disguised themselves as Indians, boarded 3 British ships and dumped their cargo of tea into the harbour. The causes that led up to this event included the Townshend Act, the Boston Massacre, Taxation without Representation and economy. This event in history heavily impacted the future of the American colonies. As a direct result the British were angry and brought forth the Intolerable Acts which led to the American Revolution...

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Compare and Contrast North and South

colonies resulted from European expansion; perhaps the two most talked about would be the colonies in Virginia and Massachusetts. Each colony was unique in its own way, but similarities between the two were also apparent. These similarities and differences helped shape what would eventually become the “North” and “South” during the Civil War. The English settlements in Virginia and Massachusetts were both established in the early 1600s but the reason why and how they were established differed tremendously...

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Payments are processed on the 5th of each month and will continue until the balance is paid in full. Cost to Participate • $32 per semester non-refundable enrollment fee (ACH & credit/debit card) • $30 fee if a payment is returned Massachusetts Bay Community College 50 Oakland Street • Wellesley Hills, MA 02481-5307 781.239.3000 • www.massbay.edu Payment Plan Enrollment Deadlines Fall 2012 Payment Plan available on July 9, 2012. Last day to enroll online Required down...

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Region Contrast between New England and the Mid Atlantic

New England/ America and the Mid- Atlantic New England is a region in the northeastern corner of the United States consisting of six states: Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. New England is bordered by New York State to the west, Long Island to the south, the Atlantic Ocean and the Canadian province of New Brunswick to the east, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north. The earliest known inhabitants of New England were American Indians who spoke...

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Divorce Decree

1 Commonwealth of Massachusetts 2 The Trail Court 3 Judgment of Divorce 4 Present: February 20, 2011 5 Hon. John Doe Justice 6 Patricia Bean, Plaintiff Vs. 7 David Bean, Defendant 8 This action was submitted to this court for consideration this 20th day of February, 2013. 9 The Defendant was served personally within the State of Massachusetts. 10 Plaintiff presented a verified complaint. 11 The Defendant has filed an answer or amended answer...

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America: A Huge Social Experiment

Educational opportunities for males, Advantages for economic & social self-development DIFFERENCES AMONG THE 13 COLONIES: New England: (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire) Puritan-dominated in many areas, less religiously tolerant, more restrictions on civic participation, more industry, less available farmland ➢ Massachusetts – The Massachusetts Bay Colony [MBC] (1629) – Puritans & John Winthrop’s “City upon a hill” ▪ Plymouth Colony (1620) – Later incorporated into MBC...

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Compare and contrast the ways in which economic development affected politics in Massachusetts and Virginia in the period from 1607-1750.

1) Background on both Massachusetts and Virginia a) The London Virginia Company founded Virginia in 1607. i) Started with Jamestown. b) Settled mostly by English aristocrats. c) Discovered tobacco, and became a monopoly. d) Pilgrims founded Massachusetts in 1620 arriving on the Mayflower. i) Pilgrims wrote the Mayflower Compact. (1) Provided a democratic government based on the opinions of everyone. e) Massachusetts and Virginia were extremely different in politics due to economic developments...

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Timeline 1763-1775

taxed include imports such as paper, tea, glass, lead and paints. 1768 - In February, Samuel Adams of Massachusetts writes a Circular Letter opposing taxation without representation and calling for the colonists to unite in their actions against the British government. The letter is sent to assemblies throughout the colonies and also instructs them on the methods the Massachusetts general court is using to oppose the Townshend Acts. May of 1768, a British warship armed with 50 cannons...

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Why Rhode Island Was the Most Democratic Colony

Island may never have came to be, if not for Roger Williams. After being exiled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, for endorsement of a separatist movement, It was he who relocated to present day Rhode Island. At that time, Massachusetts, was a colony ruled by Puritans. These people were anti-separatists, which means that they did not believe in the separation of church and state. Any resident living in Massachusetts, regardless of Religious affiliation was required to pay taxes to the puritan church...

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Historical Facts Through Nathaniel Hawthorne

moved back to Alford. Anne Hutchinson was a debout Christian woman. She had fifteen children with her husband. After she was excommunicated she and her family moved to Rhode Island. She was a Puritan religious leader. In 1634, she immigrated to Massachusetts to follow John Cotton’s preachings. She was elected to be a woman to go around and talk to pregnant woman. She prayed and had bible study with those in labor and that is why she got excommunicated. In 1642, she moved to New York after the death...

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Essay Writing Quiz

colonies such freedom was denied.” b. The following colonies had religious freedom: Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York; the following colonies did not have religious freedom: Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Virginia. c. While colonies such as Massachusetts and Connecticut for the most part did not grant settlers religious freedom, other colonies like Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and New York developed in large part as a result of their promotion of this...

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Why Nova Scotia Failed to Join the American Revolution

Scotians’ lack of attachment to revolutionary ideology in the colonies. During the time of the American Revolution, Nova Scotia was geographically on the northeastern frontier of Massachusetts. No geographical feature separated Nova Scotia from Maine, which meant that the Canadian province was very much a part of the Massachusetts colony. The question remains, therefore, why Nova Scotia failed to join the American Revolution in 1776. There were, after all, many new Englanders in Nova Scotia, and it remains...

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Charles: an Elder Interview About the Aging Process and Health Care

negative emotions. During the interview these issues as related to his experiences with health care were discussed with zeal and frustration. Charles is my father-in-law of 14 years; he is seventy-seven years young and lives in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts with his wife of 52 years. They live independently in a sprawling 4,500 foot custom built cape style home. Charles was the oldest of three siblings and was raised in a farming town by his father who was a disabled war veteran in poor health and...

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English Colonies in North America (Ap Us History)

conflict back home. However, when Queen Elizabeth came into power, England’s power also rose in the colonial game in the America. Some of the first colonies they gathered are the ones of Virginia and Carolina. They also acquired the colonies of Massachusetts Bay and Rhode Island. Pennsylvania and New York were other colonies that they gathered too. These six colonies are a part of the famous first thirteen colonies that we know of today, and their formation and purposes helped to form America into...

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The Changing Place of Women DBQ

traditional women’s work was rendered as superfluous and devalued. Store bought items began to replace homemade products. But, these new factories offered employment to some women. The most famous factory for women was the Lowell textile mill in Massachusetts. Factory girls typically worked six days a week for twelve to thirteen hours a day. Despite the grueling hours, many women came to textile mills like Lowell to earn money. As Harriet Farley says, “[We] are collected [in the factories], namely,...

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Louis Ck

Plymouth (1620) Massachusetts Bay E. Historical events & its impact on Colonial America Historical events 1. Pequot War (1637) Impact on Colonial America 2. Bacon’s Rebellion (1676) 3. King Phillip’s War (1676) 4. English Civil War (Stuart Restoration) 5. Dominion of New England (1686) 6. Glorious Revolution F. Founding of Colonial America Colony Date Reasons for founding Religion Politics Impact on Native Americans Notable People Virginia Massachusetts Maryland Connecticut ...

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MIS 600 Case Study CareGroup

("CareGroup") is a Massachusetts non-profit corporation that oversees a regional health care delivery system comprised of teaching and community hospitals, physician groups and other caregivers. CareGroup's purposes include the support of personalized, patient-centered care and excellence in medical education and research. CareGroup's affiliated hospitals and physicians serve the health needs of patients and communities of greater Boston and other surrounding communities in eastern Massachusetts. Problem...

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Colonel America Review

France New Netherlands New Spain Non-importation Agreements Pequot War Plymouth colony Plymouth Settlement Powhatan Confederacy Predestination Proclamation of 1763 Protestant Reformation Quaker Invasion of Massachusetts Quebec Act of 1774 Rice colonies Roanoke Smith, Captain John Spectral Evidence Stamp Act Tea Act Tituba Townshend Duties Triangle Trade War of Jenkin’s Ear II. ESSAY: Two of the following essays will...

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Differneces and Similiarities of 13 colonies

Congregational Church. When it comes to religious toleration, Massachusetts was the least tolerant but Rhode Island was one of the most liberal. -Government: the governor was elected by the people in Rhode Is. and Connecticut -Literature: in the area of Massachusetts, Cotton Mather and Jonathan Edwards wrote widely read religious tracts -Education: The puritans’ emphasis on learning the Bible led them to create the first tax-supported schools. A Massachusetts law required towns with over 50 families to establish...

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Ellen Zane

received $2.3 billion in National Institutes Health (NIH) research grant money.   Hospitals in Massachusetts accumulated large amounts of debt in the 1970’s and the 1980’s as they refurbished older facilities, expanded services, and purchased expensive new technologies. Describe the health care environment in Massachusetts. Two years after enacting health-care reform to rein in costs, Massachusetts strengthened "certificate of need laws" that prevent hospitals and other providers from competing...

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Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Frost was very different from the narrators he created. Long associated with New England and farming, Frost was actually born in California in 1874, where he lived until his father, a journalist, died when he was 11. His mother brought him to Massachusetts, where he graduated as co-valedictorian of his high school class. He attended Dartmouth and Harvard but didn't complete a degree at either school. Three years after high school, he married his fellow high school valedictorian, Elinor White. ...

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thesis on cause and affect

Fernald State School, now the Walter E. Fernald Developmental Center (or known as the Fernald Developmental Center or simply Fernald) The Fernald Center, originally called the Massachusetts School for the Feeble-Minded, was founded by reformer Samuel Gridley Howe in 1848 with a $2,500 appropriation from the Massachusetts State Legislature. Built In 1888, the state school eventually comprised 72 buildings total, at its peak, some 2,500 people were confined there, most of them "feeble-minded" boys...

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William Bradford Speech

of values that the Pilgrims founded their new territory. The first settlement that established the English settled in North America was Jamestown 1607th in Virginia today. Soon they established new settlements, among them Plymouth 1620th in Massachusetts, which was founded by Puritans. English colonization of North America in the 17th Ages limited to the U.S. east coast today with the establishment of 13 colonies, of which all function properly as a self-governing community with the Royal Charter...

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For the period before 1750, analyze the way in which the British policy of salutary neglect influenced the development of American society as illustrated in legislature assemblies, commerce and religion.

the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. On their own they created governments, economic institutions, and social civilization based on Britain. They created participatory government with the House of Burgesses, an independent trade economy in Massachusetts, and provided for religious freedom in Pennsylvania. They assumed these institutions were guaranteed them as English citizens. England's mercantilists did not agree with this assumption. They believed the colonies existed for the sole purpose...

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13 Original Colonies

COLONIAL NH   historic New Hampshire   About Connecticut   Founders of Hartford, Connecticut  Connecticut Early Settlers     historic Connecticut   Pilgrims as People/Massachusetts Colony   Plymouth MA - ITS HISTORY AND PEOPLE Massachusetts Bay Colony -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article      historic Massachusetts   Secretary of State - Know Rhode Island Rhode Island Settlements and Trade  Rhode Island Trade      historic Rhode Island   Middle Colonies Pennsylvania 1630-1684    ...

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Divorce Decree

Divorce Decree At the Matrimonial/LSA Part of Massachusetts State Supreme Court at the Courthouse...

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The American Colonies

~ leaves Catholic church, 1534 ~ publishes Institutes of the Christian Religion, 1536 ~ doctrine of election ~ wasn’t an innovator, but explained biblical ideas II. Puritans & the New World A. Plymouth & Massachusetts Bay 1. Separatists vs. Puritans ~ separatists believed the only way to have a true doctrine was to completely separate from the church ~ Puritans hoped to purify the church from the inside ~ separatists...

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Significance of Shay's Rebellion

Rebellion Pakanun Ou-Udomying (Ploi) United States History Mr. Coulombe Kent School December 10, 2012 The outrageous American Revolution War left a lot of scars and bruises that had major affects on the country. On August 29, 1786 in Massachusetts, a rebellion broke out as one of the results that came after the war. This rebellion was led by a veteran from the American Revolutionary War, Daniel Shays, which was why this significant rebellion is called Shays’s Rebellion. The economic crisis...

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American Revolution - Summary

Act. 1766- The Stamp Act is repealed. 1768- British troops arrive in Boston to enforce laws. 1770- Four workers are shot by British troops stationed in Boston. The American Patriots labeled the killings "The Boston Massacre." 1773- Massachusetts patriots dressed as Mohawk Indians protest the British Tea Act by dumping crates of tea into the Boston Harbor. The British Tea Act was when the British increased the taxes on tea that were shipped to the colonies. 1774- Benjamin Franklin and...

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Dbq Seperation

and state separation. According to "The Articles of Agreement, Springfield, Massachusetts in 1636" (Doc D), whoever entered Massachusetts had to comply with the certain articles and orders that shaped a community around God and the share of the land. The “Articles of Agreement, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1636’’ is valid document because it was basic laws. As a result of “The Articles of Agreement Springfield, Massachusetts, 1636’’, the northern region became more religiously involved with society...

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Dianne Feinstein Views and Policies

insurance more affordable, supporting California's agriculture, restoring Lake Tahoe, and protecting California's Mojave desert (Bluementahl, 1996). According to this nomination, Dianne Feinstein has many similar ideologies that nominee and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick stands for. Both being Democrats starts their relationship off in the right direction. Dianne Feinstein would ultimately be rooting for Governor Patrick to receive the nomination. Both Patrick, and Feinstein stand for legalizing...

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The Influence of Religion in America

towns (Spiro). Once the New World was settled, religion continued to demonstrate its influence through its role in the expansion of the country’s settling, and the founding of Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Essentially kicked out of Massachusetts in 1636, former Puritan leader Roger Williams strongly appealed for a world of religious freedom, and founded Rhode Island based on that principle (Faragher et al 63). He welcomed people of religious belief, on the basis of his view that "forced...

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United States and New England

allowed to elect a representative assembly known as the 11. The man who taught Virginians how to grow tobacco was 12. In Massachusetts Bay, "freeman status" was granted to adult males who ______ A) were married. B) were church members. C) were no longer indentured servants. D) owned land. E) agreed to abide by the colony's legal codes. 12. In Massachusetts Bay "freeman status" was granted to adult males who. (were church members) 13. From the beginning of colonization, Spain...

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Factors of Rebellion in the 13 American Colonies

until damages for the Boston Tea Party were paid. The act also forbade any Town Meetings by people unless the Royal Governor gave permission. The colonists took offense at the acts because the acts not only hit the economic structure of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (by shutting off Boston harbor) but also because hurt the republican values (on which most colonies prided themselves upon) by having a royal governor rule the colony. In addition to parliamentary taxation and restriction of civil...

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Importance of Religion to the Human Population

purify it or make it better, but as the religious persecutions worsened for both of these groups, England was no longer a place for either of them. The move began when a group of non-separatist puritans got a charter from the king to form the Massachusetts Bay Company and embarked on a voyage to North America. They set foot on the “New World” and sprung up what turned into the the New England colonies. After settling in the New World, the people of New England tried to live a pure and Christian life...

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Colonial Period and Immigration

great harbors which promoted trade and the sea was a great source of wealth. Closeness made it possible the village school and church, town meeting and frequent communication, all these had big impact in the developing civilization. The Massachusetts Bay played a big role in the development of New England and the nation. The settlement was determined to succeed and those that stayed were building a society of strong minded individuals. Ideally the church and state were separate, but actually...

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Massachusetts Research

Massachusetts was first colonized by principally English Europeans in the early 17th century, and became the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the 18th century. Prior to English colonization of the area, it was inhabited by a variety of mainly Algonquian-speaking indigenous tribes. The first permanent English settlement was established in 1620 with the founding of Plymouth Colony by the Pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower. A second, shorter-lasting colony, was established near Plymouth in 1622 at...

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Articles of Confederation

America could not pay off ______________ from the _____________________________ War b. Property foreclosures led an ____________________ among Massachusetts farmers called _________________ Rebellion in 1787 but the gov’t could not ______________________________________________ to stop it i. Poor farmers in western Massachusetts were angered over _____________________ & the prospect of debtors _______ ii. Daniel Shays led an uprising & closed __________________ & threatened...

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Alternative Media

in Protecting Democracy The Boston Marathon Bombing took place not too long ago in the state of Massachusetts, April 15th 2013. Imagine just running in a race minding your own business when a blast of metal and shrapnel fills the air with smoke and a massive loud noise sending screams through the air. Across the world on that day we were glued to our Television sets while the State Of Massachusetts was scared out of their mind. Three people lost their lives and almost 300 people were wounded. Alternative...

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The American Colonies

also referred to as the New England colonies, are mostly known for their search of religious freedom. The most notorious of which the American public knows of are the Pilgrims of the Mayflower whom landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620, present day Massachusetts. A large portion of these settlers practiced the puritan faith; this faith dominated the colony up to the early 17th century. The pilgrims shortly after arriving elected and made William Bradford mayor of the new founded colony. The first year...

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Urban stuides interview

awesome because every day I get to be out on my boat and enjoy the great scenery and have the time of my life”. Unfortunately, Drew does not get to spend time with many of his friends because a majority of them have moved out of Worcester or out of Massachusetts altogether. At the age of 30, Drew decided that he was to pursue a job in the field of marketing for schools and health care systems. He wants to pursue this career because he thoroughly enjoys working with kids and likes to help others that...

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had a consequence of cutting the use of indentured slaves, which led to a wide spread use of slavery. This led to a social system based on racial exploitation. The Indian uprising led to Virginia becoming a royal colony. Why did the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay create an established church and persecute dissenters when they had fled to England to escape those things? The main reason the Puritans persecuted dissenters were to maintain God’s favor. The puritans hoped to reform the Christian society...

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Colonial Era Essay

First, the New England Colonies played a very important part in the establishment of a new world. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire made up this area. The Pilgrims first came in 1620 and founded Plymouth Colony, but later on the Puritans founded Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630. Later on in 1691 the two colonies were combined into what was now called Massachusetts. Roger Williams founded Rhode Island in 1636, and it became a center for outcasts. Rhode Island was...

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Dorothea Dix

nation with the establishment and expansion of over 30 mental hospitals (Hermann, F.M., p., Dorothea L. Dix and the Politics of Institutional Reform). Dix was born in 1802 to John and Mary Dix, a poor couple living on the outskirts of Hempden, Massachusetts. John Dix was disowned by his wealthy family after marrying Mary Bigelow, an older and impoverished woman. He became a fanatical Methodist and forced his family into more financial distress spreading his religious ideology. By 1814, Dix grew...

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