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Bring a Black ink pen Thesis: The Massachusetts Bay, and the Chesapeake region were both part of the New World where England was starting to colonize. Even though the people from these two locations originated from the same land (England), these colonies turned out to be extremely different from one another. They differed in the reason they settled the land, the economic activity of the region, and the demographics of the colonies. II. Motives for Settlement 1. Captain John Smith settled Chesapeake...

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How the Colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts Differ.

The colonies of Massachusetts and Virginia were located in separate regions of the New World and had many social and economic variations. The very laws and ideas these people have put into work are what have shaped America into the county it is today. When looking at these two colonies we know one thing is for sure, trade, land, religion, and natural resources were vital parts of their being. In this free-response essay I will contrast the colonies by how their societies were ran and how their economies...

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Massachusetts Divorce Decree

Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Department SUFFOLK Docket No. 2012-12345 ________________________________ Patty Bean, ) Plaintiff/Wife ) ) ) V. ) ) ) David Bean, ) Defendant/Husband ) ________________________________) FINAL DIVORCE DECREE THIS CAUSE having come on to be heard before the Court upon the Wife’s Complaint for Divorce, and the Husband’s Counter Complaint...

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Analysis Of Tyngsborough, Massachusetts Real Estate

5. Tyngsborough, Massachusetts Real Estate Located within Middlesex County, this city is only 28 miles away from Boston using Route 3. It is placed next to the New Hampshire State Line and includes a number of ponds. This city is bordered by the towns of Dunstable, Westford, Dracut, Groton and Chelmsford on the Massachusetts side. On the New Hampshire side, it is bordered by Pelham, Nashua and Hudson. Residents in the area can enjoy properties that border lakes, woodlands and rolling hills. For...

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17th Century Massachusetts/Salem Witch Trials

17th Century Massachusetts and the Salem Witch Trials In January of 1692, the daughter and niece of Reverend Samuel Parris became ill, and when the children’s health did not improve, the village doctor William Griggs was called in to help. He swiftly diagnosed the girls with bewitchment and the famous witch trials of Salem took off. Salem had recently had an epidemic of Small Pox and had always had a strong belief in the Devil. These two factors added with the constant fear of attack from warring...

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Virginia and Massachusetts in Terms of Economy and Society: a Comparison

set. Don’t StealTwo colonies, Virginia and Massachusetts, were part of England’s expansion into the new world. Virginia, located in the Southern colonies, was founded mainly for an economic purpose, while Massachusetts was founded by colonists seeking religious freedom. These and many other reasons illustrate that it doesn’t matter who rules a colony- there can still be many differences between the two. The society in Virginia compared to Massachusetts are very different. Don’t StealOne thing is...

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Massachusetts and Virginia Colonies

Massachusetts and Virginia Colonies Massachusetts and Virginia were two of the early colonies in the new world. Although these two colonies originated from the same place they are very different. Virginia needed slaves for labor while the citizens of Massachusetts worked in production and had less slaves or indentured servants. Virginia traded cash crops such as tobacco and the colonists in Massachusetts build ships and traded fur among other things. While Massachusetts and Virginia were both...

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The Puritans of Massachusetts Bay

The Massachusetts Bay Colony was an English settlement in North America in the early 1600’s. It was formed by Puritan settlers fleeing religious persecution in England. The lands which became the Massachusetts Bay Colony had previously been inhabited by Native Indians. The Company of Massachusetts Bay received a charter to start a settlement in the New World in 1629. The charter granted the company the right to establish a settlement. The passengers of the “Arbella” who left England in 1630 with...

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Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colonies

Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colonies The Reformation was the driving force behind English Catholic dissenters, many of which would eventually form the base of groups heading for new lands to find religious freedom. These people would come to be called Puritans and their goal was to purify the Church of England. They wanted to do away with the “offensive” features such as Church hierarchy and traditional rituals of Catholic worship in order to promote a relationship between the individual and...

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Jamestown vs Massachusetts Bay

the charter of the Virginia Company, bringing Jamestown under direct control of the crown until 1776. The Massachusetts Bay colonies were founded about twenty years after Jamestown. A large number of Puritan merchants obtained a grant of land for Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and acquired a charter form the king to create the Massachusetts Bay Company. This meant that Massachusetts and New Hampshire were part of a Charter Colony—supported by a Company instead of the crown. A large migration...

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