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  • The Ethics of Belief

    Ethics of Belief” PHIL 2641 Online – Section 001 February 13‚ 2008 William K. Clifford sets out to show in “The Ethics of Belief” that “it is wrong always‚ everywhere‚ and for anyone‚ to believe anything upon insufficient evidence…” In this paper‚ I will show that his argument lacks key definitions needed in order to found his inference upon and that it begs the question as to what qualifies as “insufficient” evidence. Furthermore‚ I will show that the primary issue is not the belief but the results

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  • Misfit Beliefs

    pages 150 and 152 where the Misfit and the Grandmother exchange thoughts on their beliefs and how they questioned them. While the Misfit’s beliefs were based on rigorous examination and re-evaluation‚ the grandmother’s beliefs stemmed from blind faith‚ which‚ in a sense contributed to her demise at the end of the story. Misfit’s Beliefs In the case of the Misfit‚ his time in the penitentiary helped shaped his beliefs and character. He says “I forget what I done‚ lady. I set there and set there‚ trying

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  • Knowledge and Belief

    made between belief and knowledge in the given dialogue. Then explain what the importance of this distinction is. In Gorgias‚ Plato uses a conversation between two men to lay the groundwork for knowledge and belief‚ suggesting that everything is subjective when it comes to these words‚ and their definitions are open for much interpretation past their most simplest of meanings. Gorgias is meant as a guideline in which we can decide whether or not an object‚ idea‚ or event is belief or knowledge

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  • Religion and Belief

    evolved. If someone was to categories me into a religion they would have to place me as a deism. Deism is basically someone that believes in “god” but doesn’t believe in any kind of religion. What kind of reasons do you have for holding that belief? I hold this belief because like I previously said I have never fully understood how each religion evolved. I have always just asked questions when they have been presented to me and really didn’t feel that the answer was one that made sense to me. I do attend

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  • Belief and Faith

    Kierkegaard’s conception of faith was not congruent with the mainstream view held by most religious people. Kierkegaard has been known as the "Christian Socrates" because of the way he challenged traditional beliefs like Socrates did. Kierkegaard’s faith is one of an individualistic re-choosing of faith in the impossible. Kierkegaard thought that many Christians held an inauthentic faith that relied on doctrine and obedience. He wanted to get away from that and maintained that the movement of faith

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  • Justified True Belief

    The justified true belief theory of knowledge is an idea that if you have evidence to justify your belief then your justification makes that belief true. Your evidence holds true because of your previous experiences or your five senses thus making your idea true when you can rule out other alternative evidence. This theory is broken down into three necessary conditions: truth‚ belief and justification. Truth is the condition where it accurately represents the world; belief is when you believe something

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  • Opinion, Conviction and Belief

    My Vocation: An Opinion‚ a Conviction and a Belief Development is an integral part of the life of human beings. As long as man lives‚ he cannot but develop his physical‚ mental‚ spiritual and emotional properties. This also applies to all things which have life and I consider my vocation as something which has life. Thus‚ it is also capable of development. Its development is based on its transition from opinion to conviction and turning into a belief. Once‚ I had an opinion with regard to my vocation

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  • Personal Religious Beliefs

    STEP 1 To what extent should personal religious beliefs impact our decisions about business ethics I believe an individual’s religious beliefs should serve as a morale basis in helping them make decisions. In applying this to business ethics‚ I believe that people should behave according to their individual beliefs‚ and try to be ethical and moral throughout the decision-making process. To what extent do your personal religious (or non-religious) beliefs about life impact your sense of business ethics

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  • Thoreau's Belief in Government

    Thoreau’s "Resistance to Civil Government is the conformation of his desire for a free thinking nation that knows right from wrong and is willing to fight for what they believe in. But while these ideals are true and good in moderation‚ they can be made wrong if followed to the extreme. I believe that while Thoreau was a great writer with great ideas‚ a lot of what he believed was a little too over the top. Americans‚ by inalienable right‚ have the freedom to speak their opinions without fear of

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  • Analysis of Clifford's "The Ethics of Belief"

    different reasons why he thinks our beliefs are not merely our own private business. Explain two of those reasons. Which of the two do you think is a more compelling reason to think our beliefs are not our private business? Does the more compelling reason convince you that your beliefs are everyone’s business? Why or why not? William Kingdon Clifford was an English Mathematician and Philosopher who lived from 1845 to 1879. In 1877‚ he wrote “The Ethics of Belief”; which was an essay to emphasize

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