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American Revolution

Though the American Revolution may have been fought on the context of greater equality and rights, the rights of several groups of American colonists were compromised by the rest in their fight for independence, including women, slaves, British Loyalists and the lower-class of the society. WOMEN Most colonists who led the revolution, including New Englander John Adams, believed that most women lacked the necessary intellect or emotional make-up to deal with complex political issues, and were not...

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American Revolution

American Revolution The American Revolution was the result of increasing colonial unhappiness with British rule. British policies had Americans outraged with the injustices that they believed they were receiving. While the British believed they were treating the Americans fairly considering they were a colony, the American colonists felt they were still being misrepresented. The American colonists wanted freedoms to the point where the decided they wanted to completely break away from Britain...

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American revolution

the American Revolution. Parliament passed a series of acts to force colonists to pay off the debt. This series of acts increased the fever of rebellion in the colonies. The first act that was passed was the sugar act of 1763. This acts purpose was to stop smuggling and anything else that would put in disadvantage the Navigation acts. The stamp act was another act in which colonists were required to buy stamps for any legal document. The Townsend acts put a series of taxes on American imports...

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The American Revolution

Tea Act.The stamp act was put in place in order to pay for the british soldiers being there.The tea act was also put in place to bail out the East India Tea Company,but ended up taxing the colonists.These are some of things that led to the American Revolution. Though the colonists disliked all of these laws they took particular offense to the 1763 Stamp Act.This required certain goods to have an offical stamp to show that the customer had to pay a tax.Many of these items were paper...

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The American Revolution: The Great Social Revolution

The American Revolution is one of the bigger events that take place throughout the history of the United States. There was a lot of political, social, and economic change that took place because of the war, during and after. The revolution led to some major changes in the way people lived their lives. It played a big role in developing the United States into what it is today. Even though the American Revolution wasn't a great social revolution it was still a huge moment in history of the United States...

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American Revolution- Revolution or Civil War?

The American RevolutionRevolution or Civil War? There is a lot of debate and disagreement on whether the American Revolution was an actual revolution, but rather a civil war. A revolution implies that there was a total change in government and rule of a country, and a civil war is a war that occurs in a country between groups of people from the country. There may have been a vast amount of tension between the colonies and the British, but the occurrences during the American Revolution had little...

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Was the American Revolution Really a Revolution?

Was the American Revolution really a revolution? A revolution, as defined by the Oxford English dictionary, is the overthrow of an established government or social order by those previously subject to it. Although, the colonists did overthrow the British monarch, there was not enough change in American society for it to be a revolution. After the colonists won the war with Britain, they created their own form of government. A foundation and basis for the newly formed government was the Articles...

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American Revolution

Ques -Explain how and why slavery developed in the American colonies. Why couldn’t colonists use indentured servants as they had in the past? Ans -The study of labor in the United States has a tendency to lean towards a myopic analysis of the battle between corporations and unions. Working-class organization struggling against industrial titans understandably dominates any modern labor discussion, but the sources of these conflicts in the US are older than the nation itself. The labor system...

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The American Revolution- Whose Revolution Was It?

explain why the revolution started, but out of all the schools I agree the most with the Imperial School. The Imperial School is the result of the clash of two empires, the British and the Americans, with different viewpoints. The British wanted to have control over the Americans while the Americans wanted to be independent from the British, a free nation. This clash in viewpoints resulted in revolution which later results in America’s independence and transformation in society. Americans were guided...

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Gordon Wood American Revolution

Radicalism of the American Revolution, I am convinced that the American Revolution was the most radical event that occurred in American history. In the face of the ways and basis of other revolutions that occurred in history, the American Revolution was unlike any other major rebellion of the past for it completely shaped our nation’s foundations for the future. The revolution sought drastically different ideologies within the nations politics, society and culture. The American Revolution was as radical...

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