Compare Massachusetts Bay and Chesapeake

Topics: Slavery, Native Americans in the United States, Virginia Pages: 3 (832 words) Published: September 9, 2013
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Thesis: The Massachusetts Bay, and the Chesapeake region were both part of the New World where England was starting to colonize. Even though the people from these two locations originated from the same land (England), these colonies turned out to be extremely different from one another. They differed in the reason they settled the land, the economic activity of the region, and the demographics of the colonies. II. Motives for Settlement

1. Captain John Smith settled Chesapeake Region. Massachusetts Bay settled by John Winthrop. 2. John Winthrop- Led puritans who were separatists out of England. This was to achieve a religious freedom they could not have anywhere else. This was their “city upon a hill” God wanted them to have 3. Chesapeake more for economic reasons. Settle there to grow tobacco and worry more about individual self than others III. Economic Activity

1. New England did not have many slaves or a high black population. Around 1.7% of their population was black and there was barely any manual labor 2. Chesapeake region had more of a black population, but still not a very high amount of slaves. Only 4.8% of the population was black. These two regions did not concentrate too much on slavery as the West Indes did 3. Chesapeake concentrated on farming tobacco, and concentrated more on their own problems. Massachusetts relied more on building of ships or materials instead of farming a specific crop IV. Demographics

1. This was comparing New England and Chesapeake. They were different in size, Massachusetts was much smaller. Both had a large amount of white population, that was basically the same (around 33,000) 2. Small Black population in both

3. High death rate in Chesapeake – Males expected to live to 45. Extremely lower death rate in Massachusetts where people were able to live to their 60’s and meet their grandchildren even 4. Different Religions

V. Both regions were soon to become one. Even...
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