Chesapeake Colonies Vs New England Colonies

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Human migration, Government, Jamestown Settlement, Virginia Company, Virginia / Pages: 9 (2088 words) / Published: Jun 22nd, 2015
Comparison between the Colonies of Chesapeake and New England
This essay will be analyzing and comparing & contrasting the colonies of Chesapeake and New England. This paper’s main concern is how these colonies are so dramatically different and what aspects of the colonies make them so. This paper will argue considerable differences in settling and motives to settle had a dramatic effect on the initial success of the colonies. Chesapeake had a tremendous death rate of 65-percent of their original one-hundred-and-four settlers. This contrast greatly with the initial settling of New England and Plymouth as there were few Indian populations and they were in a far healthier landscape. This paper will continue to discuss the role different governments
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It was designed to be “the first permanent foothold”; the first sustainable Fort was named Jamestown after the King of England[1]. This first settlement was primarily designed to be a base for the English in the New World, competing with the French and Spanish to start showing their might as a global power[2]. However the desired effects of landing in the new world, with a romantic view of the Americas were hard to find in the marsh and swamplands of the Chesapeake. With a vastly mosquito populated area, it is hard to see any propositions that would make it worthwhile enough to settle and then to stay in such an area. It was the intention of the ‘trouble maker’ John Smith, who managed to remove himself of all responsibility of issues that he caused on the crossing from Britain to America, to explore the surrounding area for gold and possible communications. John Smith was actually sentence to death on the crossing, but this sentence was somehow removed by the new governing council of Chesapeake[3]. It could be inferred that the governing council did not want to have this responsibility on their ‘shoulders’ and if anything was to happen to it could be as a result to Amerindian interactions as oppose to governing law. To reaffirm the main point of the English landing in Virginia however, it has definitely been viewed that Chesapeake was designed and intended to be the first ‘solid’, …show more content…
Everyone communicated freely, the settlers could voice their opinions openly and civil elections were held regularly. Further to this, considerable foundation of this settlement was love. This may sound a tad ‘corny’ but it made sense to these religious people that their ‘constitution’, their way of life should be built on the simple, most supporting foundation of all, that of love. Again, a recurring theme here is that this was something that never even entered the back of the minds of Sir Thomas Gates, Sir Thomas Dale or Lord Le War of Chesapeake. Massachusetts and New England was by far a more a ‘home’ than a ‘business’. Even though in both colonies people were there because they wanted to be, it is not hard to see which colony had progressed more for humanity than for economy. However, as a result of these fundamental changes and progressions in both colonies, populations grew, stability followed in the Chesapeake, and Massachusetts gradually grew further away from English Sovereignty under the “Cambridge agreement of local government” during the late 17th century[11]. Even though by this time the Virginia Company had been taken over by the monarch and it then became a Crown

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