Ch. 2 Review Exam1

Topics: Charles I of England, Massachusetts Bay Colony, James I of England Pages: 4 (831 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Ch2 Review
1. The English colonists of Jamestown initially focused most on searching for gold.

2. The first important economic boom in Jamestown resulted from the production of tobacco.

3. When the House of Burgesses was created in Virginia in 1619, colonists were given a share of local political representation.

4. The first Africans imported to Virginia in 1619
were most likely indentured servants.

5. The Virginia Company
had its charter revoked by James I.

6. In which area of technology were Indians more advanced than the Virginia colonists? agriculture

7. Which of the following is true of Bacon's rebellion?
It spelled the demise of the Virginia Company.
It forced the royal governor of Virginia to resign.
It spread throughout several colonies.
It carried on for several years.
It was a consequence of the indentured servant system.

8. In 1608, Puritan Separatists who wished to leave England
could not legally do so.

9. In 1620, the Puritan Pilgrims who came to North America
were Christian missionaries.

10. Compared to King James I, King Charles I's treatment of Puritans was more hostile.

11. The Puritan merchants who founded the Massachusetts Bay Company carried out the largest single migration in the seventeenth century.

12. The Massachusetts Bay Puritans
created a colonial "theocracy".

13. The Puritan founders in Massachusetts who described their colony as a "city upon a hill" felt they were creating a holy community that would be a model for the world.

14. Thomas Hooker is associated with establishing the colony of Connecticut.

15. Which of the following statements about Roger Williams is FALSE? He was a confirmed Separatist.
He argued that the colony should abandon the Church of England. He said the land occupied by the colonists belonged to the natives. He escaped Massachusetts before the colonial government could deport him. He advocated the principle of plural marriage.

16. Which New England Puritan...
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