Topics: Social responsibility, Sociological terms, Socially responsible investing Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Assignments for Module #8
James Ramon Gibson
BUS530- 2012 YG
Module #8
August 24, 2013
Check Your Understanding:
1. A/n XXX is a cross-functional group charged with developing a specific product or business. 2. XXX is a method for deriving the utility values that consumers attach to varying levels of a product’s attributes. 3. XXX is the practice of buying goods and services from foreign vendors. 4. In a XXX foreign investors join with local investors to create a company in which they share ownership and control. 5. A/n XXX industry is an industry in which the strategic positions of competitors in major markets are fundamentally affected by their overall global positions. Exercises:

1. List the “seven notions of innovation”
a. XXX
b. XXX
c. XXX
d. XXX
e. XXX
f. XXX
g. XXX
2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of licensing. h. XXX
i. XXX
3. Name several of the factors that draw companies into the international arena. j. XXX
k. XXX
l. XXX
4. Discuss the three types of potential product-team structures and depict each graphically m. XXX
n. XX
o. XXX
Case Study:
1. What are the three prongs of the social responsibility attack strategy embraced by some firms today? a. Proper legal responsibility
b. Proper ethical responsibility
c. Proper social responsibility
2. How would you describe proper socially responsible behavior? a. I would describe proper socially responsible behavior as behavior that takes into consideration the various ramifications of not adhering to the social values embodied by the global consumer society. As the economy has become global, we must not only have social conscience to the local environment, but to the global environment. Marketers must realize that the internet has brought an entire global customer base to the company’s fingertips and as such, care must be given to the...
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