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  • Massachusetts and New England

    DBQ #1 - In what ways did ideas and values held by Puritans influence the political‚ economic‚ and social development of the New England colonies from 1630 through the 1660s? During the 1600s‚ waves of Puritan immigrants arrived in the region of New England‚ settling the area and establishing population centers in areas like Massachusetts Bay‚ where the part of Boston was established. In contrast to the Chesapeake region’s inhabitants‚ the Puritan settlers did not come primarily for economic interests

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  • New England and Chesapeake

    Although New England and the Chesapeake were settled by the English‚ by 1700 they had evolved into two distinct societies. The Chesapeake was originally settled by people looking for gold. Many of those people were single men that had a very short life expectancy. The Chesapeake had fertile soil and enabled the people to grow tobacco. However‚ the New England region was settled by families for religious reasons. Their major occupations were fishing‚ shipbuilding‚ and lumbering. They had a cold

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  • New England and Chesapeake

    During the 1610‚ the New England and Chesapeake region were both settled largely by people of English origin‚ but by 1700 the regions developed into two distinct societies. The distinctions of development arose due to differences in economy and political structure. The economy and political structure of New England and Chesapeake differed based on the geography‚ needs and the different values or purposes that the regions served‚ causing two distinct societies to emerge by 1700. In terms

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  • Stone Walls of New England

    Introduction Stonewalls of New England are rich with history and archeologists are still trying to determine who may have built the first stonewalls or if our concept of when North America was first settled is wrong. Items of stone and metal lead archeologists to believe that the archaic period is when the Northern New England portion of America was first inhabited. There have been many different types of fences built in New England‚ natural debris‚ wood‚ and stone included. Stemming from

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  • New England and Chesapeake DBQ

    By 1700‚ the New England and Chesapeake region evolved into two distinct colonies although both were settled by people of the English origin. One of the major distinctions between the two colonies is the populations of the two regions were settled by different people. New England and Chesapeake also had different reasons for settlement in these areas. Another cause for the development in the two societies was the difference of the way of life. New England and Chesapeake formed into two distinct societies

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  • Writing and Colonial New England

    and contrast essay its not appropriate to side with one person in the writing but with all the different people and that is something I must improve upon. Log#10;4/8 The Social Order in Colonial New England Summary: This article talks about the Role of men and women in Colonial New England. Men were not responsible for anything that went on in the house back in that time. Married and divorced parents spent more time now with their children than 40 years ago. Children time for fathers increased

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  • New England and the Chesapeake Colonies

    originally settled‚ and when the Mayflower landed‚ the colonists who emerged from the ships had huge plans and tremendous goals for what would come of their own colony. However‚ although both settled regions were the new homes to a majority of the English‚ two separate societies formed. In New England‚ the colonists were religious extremists hoping to form a perfect society‚ while gold hunters with little or no desire to create a permanent home flocked to the Chesapeake region. The colonists in the north were

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  • New England and Chesapeake Colonies

    The New England and Chesapeake colonies were both settled by English colonists. Most colonists moving from Great Britain to New England were families searching for religious salvation‚ rather than mostly the single men that traveled to the Chesapeake area in search of wealth. The immigrants of the Chesapeake area were greeted with a climate and soil that were perfect for cultivating tobacco‚ cotton‚ indigo‚ and rice. Those settling in New England could not rely on farming to support themselves because

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  • Chesapeake vs. New England

    Chesapeake vs. New England The majority of those who settled New England and the Chesapeake Colonies were from England however‚ both groups came to the New World for different reasons‚ settled different areas‚ and therefore upheld two distinct societies. New England settled for religious reasons Back home in England the Puritans‚ who wanted to purify the Anglican church‚ and Separatists‚ who wanted to separate from the Anglican church‚ were trying to live in a country that was going through a

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  • New England: a Matter of Perspective

    New England: A Matter of Perspective John Smith’s A Description of New England and William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation both present a picture of the same pre-colonial land of New England. Mr. Smith’s writing‚ out of necessity‚ painted a rosy picture of the new land‚ while Bradford’s historical account shows early New England was not Heaven on Earth. Mr. Bradford and Mr. Smith are writing about one land‚ but they present two different accounts of the life in the land. John Smith’s writing

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