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Explain How The Documented Outcomes Are Assessed And Recorded

1.1 Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent There are seven areas of learning and development set out by the EYFS, each are important and interconnects there are three prime and four specific areas. The prime are the main area of development from birth to 2 years and important for firing children’s curiosity and enthusiasm and helping them to form relationships. The prime areas are: ...

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Explain the Need for Keeping Records and Describe the Types of Records You Would Maintain

Theory assignment, task 6 Explain the need for keeping records and describe the types of records you would maintain 1. Good record keeping is an important part of a professional’s task. Records should display clear, straight forward language, be concise, and accurate. They should clearly distinguish between facts, opinion, judgements and assumption Records are a very important reflective tool for both teachers and learners; it allows you to record the learners’ journey from start to finish...

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Explain How to Plan

Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment Q1 - Explain the Function of assessment in learning and development The assessment cycle continues until all aspects of the qualification have been achieved by the learner:- Initial assessment – Prior knowledge of the subject to determine teaching style. Assessment planning – agree what types and methods of assessments are to take place Assessment Activity – what methods, e.g. observational/ assignments/ questioning Assessment decisions...

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explain how the body respond are explained by the cellular and tissus estructure and physiology

1.explain how the body respond are explained by the cellular and tissus estructure and physiology (1.2)Identification of how body system interact to ensure proper functioning and growth of the human body. And 6 elements explain how the body responds to his physical activities (particularly in relation to the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system and respiratory system). 2.2 explain how the body respond are explained by the cellular and tissus estructure and physiology (2.3)...

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Critically evaluate to what extent the ‘somatic marker hypothesis’ explains how decisions are made in the face of an uncertain outcome

what extent the ‘somatic marker hypothesis’ explains how decisions are made in the face of an uncertain outcome This essay will initially describe the nature of the Somatic Marker Hypothesis (SMH) regarding what it proposes. A vast amount of research has conducted into the SMH which leads to the central aim of the essay which will be to critically evaluate to what extent the hypothesis explains how decisions are made in situations of an uncertain outcome. This will be achieved via illustrating both...

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Outcome Practice

implementation of outcome based practice within my work setting. Outcome based practice is to deliver a service which is measured by the outcomes of the support delivered. From the initial stages of referral it is made clear what outcomes are expected to be achieved or worked towards. An individual’s care co-ordinator will draw up a pen picture representing the individual and disclosing details of the support that they require and a summary of their character, within this pen picture, required outcomes will...

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Explain Giving Examples How The Relianc

Explain giving examples how the reliance on journalists working in commercial media constraints the ability of media advocates Explain how an elitist theory of democracy and focus on mainstream journalism constraints the ability of media advocates How would media advocacy look like if informed by a participatory theory of democracy? Explain giving examples Why is democracy a dangerous form of government? Explain. Democracy includes a genuine competition for power. Explain Democracy permits mass...

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1.1 An explanation of each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent

1.1 An Explanation of each of the areas of learning and how these are interdependent. The EYFS sets the standards for children when they are aged 0-5. It sets out learning and development requirements, assessments and the safeguarding and welfare requirements. All schools, child minders, preschools and nurseries must follow the EYFS as it is a statutory document. There are two areas of learning that children are expected to come across, these are the Prime and Specific. Each area is built up of...

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How Personality is Studied and Assessed

Rorschach Inkblot Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Draw a person Example: Inkblot Example: TAT=Make up a story about this picture, including what will happen next TAT: attempts to see how a person places order on a vague stimulus Types of Personality Measures: Expressive Behavior: The analysis of how people stand, move, speak, etc. Includes the examination of: Speech rate gaze patterns posture gestures Types of Personality Measures: Interviews: Unstructured interviews ...

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a group of individuals group up with others to meet their common goals as one, instead of opening a business alone. Each member is an owner of the business and has a share of the profits .In this case every owner has only one vote it doesn’t matter how much money you invested in. co-operatives have limited liability which means that if they go bank rapt only the machinery used in the business and the money invested in the business is a stake, and no personal assets will be taken away. * Koptaco...

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Asses and Explain How Social Class Impacts Educational Outcomes

Sociology Unit One Sasha Bianchini Asses and explain the impact of social class in inequalities in educational outcomes. This essay will be looking at different theories and ways social class impacts educational outcomes. This is supported from the evidence given by the Nation Children’s Bureau 2007, who suggests that ‘class inequalities have a significant influence on the underachievement of working class children’ (Feinstein et al.) For example, statistics...

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unit 331 outcome 3

Unit 331 Outcome 3Understand how to monitor children and young people’s development and interventions that should take place if this is not following the expected pattern. 3.1 Explain how to monitor children and young people’s development using different methods. There are numerous different methods of monitoring including: observations, body language, behaviour, moods, written records, assessment framework, information from parents/carers, work colleagues and standard measurements...

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Department of Care and Professional Studies Edexcel Level 3 for Children and Young People’s Workforce Unit 13 Promoting Children’s Learning and Development in the Early Years Assignment Task 1 Direct Observation

Children and Young People’s Workforce Unit 13 Promoting Children’s Learning and Development in the Early Years Assignment Task 1 Direct Observation and Professional discussion Assessment Criteria (Unit 13) 1.3 explain how the documented outcomes are assessed and recorded 2.2 engage effectively with children to encourage the child’s participation and involvement in planning their own learning and development activities. 3.2 prepare, set out and support activities and experiences that encourages...

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Explain How Different Types of Interventions Can Promote Positive Outcomes for Children and Young People Where Development Is Not Following the Expected Pattern.

CYP 3.1 – 3.4 Explain how different types of interventions can promote positive outcomes for children and young people where development is not following the expected pattern. There are many different types of professionals who can offer support to children who are not following the expected pattern of development, the support is usually coordinated by the schools, SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator). If a child starts school with a disability the SENCO will have been informed by the...

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37 Understand How To Handle Information

 Title Understand how to handle information in social care settings Ref 37 Level 3 Credit value 1 Learning outcomes The learner will: Assessment criteria The learner can: 1. Understand requirements for handling information in social care settings 1.1 Identify legislation and codes of practice that relate to handling information in social care settings 1.2 Explain how legal requirements and codes of practice inform practice in handling information 2. Understand good practice in handling information...

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Roles of Organizational Development Consultants in an Organization and Explain How the Nature of the Relationship with the Client as Defined in Their Roles May Influence the Outcome of the Assignment.

Question Roles of Organizational Development consultants in an organization and explain how the nature of the relationship with the client as defined in their roles may influence the outcome of the assignment. ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT This is the practice of helping an organization solve problems and reach their goals. A key emphasis on OD is assisting clients not just in meeting their goals but with learning new problem solving skills that they can use in the future. An OD consultant can help...

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1.1 Explain the Functions of Assessment in Learning and Development

1.1 explain the functions of assessment in learning and development During the initial assessment, the assessor must introduce themselves to the learner and ensure that they understand what the course is. The assessor must explain all the units to the learner ad support them in choosing the most suitable units. The assessor and the candidate must then decide on an assessment plan. This will include setting dates and times to meet with the learner, as well as agreeing on the best assessment methods...

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Childcare Unit 012 Outcome 2

Unit 12 Outcome 2 Understand Partnership Working in Services for Children and Young people. Understand the importance of effective communication and information sharing in services for children and young people. Describe why clear and effective communication between partners is required: Effective communication between partners is most important, it is to make sure that everyone will: Share information in a clear way that focuses on the individual child or young person. Work towards the...

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development in the Early Years Covering Knowledge’s:- Learning Outcome 1 Assessment Criteria 1:1: Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interpreted Learning outcome 1 Assessment Criteria 1.2: Describe the documented outcomes for children that form part of the relevant early years framework Learning outcome 1 Assessment Criteria 1.3: Explain how the documented outcomes are assessed and recorded Learning outcome 2 Assessment Criteria 2.1: Use different sources to plan...

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Explain How Health Is Affected by Behaviours

Explain how health is affected by behaviors, economics, and social structure. Life style patterns and behaviors affect our health along with economic and social structure. According to our text (Williams / Torrens 2010, alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use create a snow ball of problems that affect our health. Excessive alcohol use creates cirrhosis of the liver, if alcohol is consumed while driving or prior to driving it causes vehicular accidents and work related injuries if consumed prior to...

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how does personality related to self assessed intelligence

Does personality has any relation to self-assessed intelligence? It depends on the elements that contribute to personality. What is personality? Personality is defined as the dynamic organisation within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his characteristic behaviour and thought (Allport, 1961, p.28). On the other hand, intelligence is defined as a very general mental capability that, among other things, involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think...

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Unit 209 Understand how to handle information in a social care setting

Unit 209 Understand how to handle information in social care settings. Outcome 1 Understand the need for secure handling of information in social care settings. 1.1 Identify the legislation that relates to the recording, storage and sharing of information in social care. The Data Protection Act 1998 controls how your personal information is used by organisations, businesses and the government. Everyone responsible for using data or storing data has to follow strict rules called...

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Explain how and why the North won war by 1865

Research Paper: "Explain how and why the North won war by 1865." 1 Explain how and why the North won war by 1865 By, Janice Lopez History 1302 Mr. Otter April 11, 2013 Research Paper: "Explain how and why the North won war by 1865." 2 Abstract My research topic for this essay is explain how and why the North won war by 1865. In this essay I will be explaining the various reasons as to why the South...

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unit 202 outcome 1.1

stls Unit 204 outcome 1.1 The equality act 2010 provides a modern single legal framework with clear laws to be more effective in tackling discrimination and disadvantages. It covers the following areas- • Age • Disability • Gender reassignment • Marriage and Civil partnership • Race • Religion or belief • Sex • Sexual orientation We also have our own policies in school to cover equality. There is- • S.E.N. • Racial Equality • Equal opportunities • These explain what is classed...

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Learning Outcome Fbm

FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT (FBM) COURSE Marketing Management I (BBPM1103) Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) LEARNING OUTCOME Describe the marketing management process and challenges in marketing using the marketing management framework Analyse macro and micro environments that affect the marketing management process using situational analysis, SWOT analysis and other models of marketing analysis Compare the differences between the purchasing behaviours of...

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Unit Shc 34 Principles for Implementing Duty of Care

Unit 34 Principles for implementing duty of care | Criteria Ref |Outcome 1 | | |Understand how duty of care contributes to safe practice | |1 |Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role | ...

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CYP 37 Understand How To Support

Understand how to support positive outcomes for children and young people 1. Understand how the social, economic and cultural environment can impact on the outcomes of life chances of children and young people 1.1. Describe the social, economic and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of children and young people. There is a chart on page 186 of your text book with outlines all the factors and the possible effect on the lives of children. When you read through them you can see how these can...

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Documented Essay

Ryan Thompson ENG 101-111 Spring 2013 Documented Essay 1st Draft People go to the news for important information about the world, their economy, their political condition, and social standings. People are attracted by the news because of the intense action or the emotional drama they would not get to experience were not reading the news papers news articles, listening to the news cast on the radio, or watching a big news channel bring you story’s from all over the world. Pretty much every...

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How Might Criminology Help Explain Corporate Crime?

How might criminology help explain corporate crime?’ Corporate crime is a wide-ranging term, covering a vast range of offenses with differing types of perpetrators, modes of operation, effects and victims (Hale et al. 2005, p.268-9). Types of corporate crime range from financial crimes including illegal share dealings, merger, takeovers and tax evasion to crimes directly against the consumer, employment relations and crimes against the environment. In the past criminology has put little energy...

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Explain the Importance of Self-Interest in Smith's Economics. How Is It Related to the Wealth of a Nation?

Matthew Thomas Explain the importance of self-interest in Smith's economics. How is it related to the wealth of a nation? In order to answer this question we must first be very careful what is meant by self-interest. Smith was primarily a moral philosopher and concerned himself with drawing from history the patterns implicit to human nature. In The Theory of Moral Sentiments (Smith, 1759) Smith discusses in detail the conclusions he has drawn from this analysis concerning the framework for peoples...

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How Does Geographical Circumstance Affect the Outcome of the Outsider?

How does Geographical Circumstance affect the Outcome of the Book? Our lives are a product of the society we live in and the essence of who we are is directly influenced by our surroundings. Geography is a big fact that influences the outcome of this book because of the colonial power that controls the country. The setting of the story, Algeria is part of the reason that leads to the punishment that Meursault receives. On top of that there are flaws in the French judicial system that allow for...

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Areas of Development

Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent. Personal social and emotional has three aspects, making relationships, managing feelings and behaviour and self-confidence and self-awareness. This area is all about the child’s relationships with other people and themselves. Children need to develop relationship with the people around the for example the children they play with and come into contact with. The staff that work in that room and their family members...

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Eymp 2 Promote Learning and Development in the Early Years

Promote Learning and Development in the Early Years 1.1 Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent. The EYFS sets out seven areas of learning and development, all of which are important and interconnected. There are three prime areas which are important for firing children’s curiosity and enthusiasm, as well as helping them form relationships. The prime areas are: Communication and Language Physical Development Personal, Social and Emotional Development ...

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How to Write a Scientific Report

Citation Guide. Procedure is written in paragraph form (with appropriate sub-headings where necessary) using the past tense (passive voice) e.g. V1 was slowly opened to an air flowrate reading of 2. The level difference in the manometer was then recorded. Results and Calculation section includes the following: Data represented using visuals e.g. table, photograph, drawing, etc. Sentence introducing the visual e.g. Table 1 shows the air volumetric flowrate, mass velocity and pressure drop of constant...

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M1 Explain how to manage an outbreak of

M1 Explain how to manage an outbreak of infection in a health or social care setting To help the prevention of infection spreading is by knowing the method of washing your hand because we carry most bacteria sue to the open air that we come in contact with. For example we use are hands to shake hands with someone holding or touching objects. When you are performing any form of hand hygiene you will need to make sure that you have washed your hand with anti-bacterial liquid soap; this is to help...

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Outline the characteristics and explain the benefits of assessment for learning and describe how assessment for learning can contribute to planning for future learning.

involves explaining the learning objectives and expected learning outcomes to pupils and checking their understanding of this. It then involves helping them self assess. This often starts with peer assessment, which will help build their self assessment skills. The pupils then start to self assess their own work, noting both their achievements and what they could improve one, always keeping in mind the learning objective and how far or close they are to it. Also within the formative assessment...

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How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and Petroski’s Emphasis on Cultural Criteria Can Explain Aspects of Human Society

Nathan Nemon Humanities 260 2.21.13 TA: Cheryl Berriman How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and Petroski’s Emphasis on Cultural Criteria Can Explain Aspects of Human Society Stephen Jay Gould’s claims that “odd arrangements and funny solutions are the proof of evolution” and “a natural process, constrained by history, follows perforce” 1 accurately express the core aspects of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. In Evolution of Useful Things2, Henry Petroski finds that optimality in the design...

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Explain how organisations respond to IT development

Explain how organisations respond to IT development Adopting business processes In today’s society IT is becoming more essential in everyday life. We use IT to contact people, to shop and to find information. Businesses are now trying to adapt to the ways of IT so they can build a stronger connection between their business and their consumers. One of the ways businesses are doing this is by introducing loyalty cards. Loyalty cards are basically cards that companies give you rewards and therefore...

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L3 STL Unit 1 Learning outcomes and assessment

Task 1 For learning outcomes 1 and 2, research and produce a guidance document to use for the induction of new support workers in school to help them understand the principles of developing positive relationships with children and, young people and adults and the skills they need to communicate effectively. A minimum of 1 Case study must be used to support your explanations. The document needs to include: Why effective communication is important for developing relationships. The principles of...

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Explain how legislation affects how schools work.

to two years free education before reaching school age, this free entitlement being that it provides access to early childhood education and care, ensuring all children have the opportunity to benefit from early years education. 1B EXPLAIN THE CHARASTERISTICS OF THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF SCHOOLS IN RELATION TO EDUCATIONAL STAGE(S) AND SCHOOL GOVERNANCE. All children between 5 and 16 are entitled to a free place at a state school. There are four main types of state schools funded by local...

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How Does Marxism Explain the Role of Education in Society?

How does Marxism explain the role of education in society? The sociology of education is the study of how public institutions and individual experiences affect education and its outcomes. It is most concerned with the public schooling systems of modern industrial societies, including the expansion of higher, further, adult, and continuing education. Education has always been seen as a fundamentally optimistic human endeavour characterised by aspirations for progress and betterment. It is understood...

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Explain the Main Determinants of Health and Explain How to Promote Health

Patient Hygiene The aim of this assignment is to explain a nurse’s role in relation to assisting patient’s with meeting their hygiene needs. In order to accomplish this, the following areas of the subject will be highlighted; why hygiene is so important and the various aspects of hygiene such as; what influences hygiene, assessing a patient, bed bathing, oral hygiene and eye care. Oxford dictionary describes hygiene as “the conditions or practices conductive to maintaining health and preventing...

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UNIT 4222

UNIT 4222 – 396 Support individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities Outcome 1 Understand the impact of multiple conditions and/or disabilities on individuals 1. Describe possible multiple conditions and/or disabilities that individuals may have People with severe or multiple disabilities may exhibit wide range of characteristics, depending on the combination & severity of disabilities, and the person's age. There are however, some traits they may share, including: needs...

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Examine how gender can influence career outcomes

Introductions In present-day society, men and women play different roles in all kinds of jobs. They have different work outcomes. Traditionally, men are usually thought to do labour market work while women are often considered to do inside housework (Moya, Exposito, and fuiz, 2000). As the number of women in labour force and advanced educational training increased, the traditional layout of working that men are work orientation and women are family orientation becomes to change. However...

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Assess and explain the impact of social class on inequalities in educational outcomes.

Assess and explain the impact of social class on inequalities in educational outcomes. A good education is vital in succeeding within many industries in the UK, from Business to Medicine, Politics to Art. It unfortunately does not come as a surprise that only 58.6% of students attained 5 or more GCSE’s at grades A* to C (Department for Education 2012). In comparison, albeit falling this year on previous years, 94.4% of students in private schools attained the same results (The Independent 2012a)...

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Documented Essay1

Documented Essay Spirituality is meant to take us beyond out tribal identity into a domain of awareness that is universal given by a co-worker Brittany Evans. A person’s identity is formed and influenced by man factors in life. Obstacles are everywhere with in families and one self that determined their outcome. Racial diversity; abuses; lack of achievements; and poverty affects how someone identities themselves. These functions are just a few types that can affect ones identity. The role of identity...

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Explain Different Methods of Assessing, Recording and Monitoring Children and Young People's Development.

such as a parent pops in to explain they're concerned their child might be feeling a little poorly one morning, a colleague lets you know how they saw a child achieve a milestone in their development. “Your data should be discussed with appropriate persons and parents, compared, cross-checked and further assessments done where necessary.” (Special Issues in Childcare:M O’Hagan & M Smith:Pg39:1995) Assessment framework: It is the way in which a child is assessed to decide whether they have...

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Developmental Psychology and Children

UNIT 65 Outcome 1 1.1 Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent. It is important to remember that these six areas of learning do not work in isolation but are in fact interlinked. Good quality activities will cover more than one area of development. For example, allowing children to access the outdoors will not only support their physical development, but encourage their communication and exploration of their environment. Where a child experiences...

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Explain how the range of early year’s settings reflects the scope and purpose of the sector

Unit 15 EYMP 4 Professionals Practise in Early Years Settings Explain how the range of early year’s settings reflects the scope and purpose of the sector There are many different services and settings for children and their families in United Kingdom and these can be divided and are such as : Sure start- is a government programme and was launched in the late 1990’s. It is for families who have children from birth to 4 years so that can start to learn from before they start nursery .It helps promotes...

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304 Principles Of Implementing Duty Of

CHILDREN’S AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S SETTINGS 1. Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role Duty of care is a requirement that a person act toward others and the public with watchfulness, attention, caution and prudence that a reasonable person in the circumstances would. If a person's actions do not meet this standard of care, then the acts are considered negligent, and any damages resulting may be claimed in a lawsuit for negligence 2. Explain how duty of care contributes to the safeguarding...

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P5 Explain How Employee Performance Is Measured And Managed

P5 – explain how employee performance is measured and managed Describe these 3 methods of measuring performance 1. Performance indicators – performance indicators outline what an employee does right for example if they receive a 10/10 positive feedback from who they serve and zero defects. 2. Goal theory – this is a method of motivation in which someone is given a goal to work towards to so their work output will increase. 3. SMART targets - choose at 3 from this list - Sales targets – this...

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manage healt and social carepractice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals

to ensure positive outcomes for individuals. Unit 10 Manage Health and Social Care Practice to Ensure Positive Outcomes For Individuals. Outcome 1 Understand the theory and principles that outcome-based practice 1.1 – Explainoutcome based practice?” Outcome based care is described as putting the individual/ service user/tenant at the centre of the care service and not prescribing a generic service for everyone. It is about delivering high quality meaningful outcomes to every individual...

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Explain How Duffy Expresses Her Idea in Valentine.

general idea that Duffy is trying to get across to us is how the gifts given at Valentine has no real meaning of true love. She uses many different techniques and figurative language to express her message. Evidently, there is no specific pattern of rhythm and rhyme, so therefore we can conclude that this poem is written in free verse. This highlights the fact that love has no order or pattern. Throughout ‘Valentine,’ we not only receive how ignorant we are when it comes to love, but also love is...

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City and Guilds Coursework for Outcome 2

Outcome 2.1 Explain the key components of a healthy and safe home based environment As a childminder I will be providing meals and snacks for the children so I must ensure this is done in a hygienic way. I would regularly disinfect the toilet seat and flush handle, taps and bathroom door handle regularly to stop cross contamination. When storing, preparing and cooking food I will; - cover and wrap food in the fridge and keep raw meat at the bottom (to prevent blood dripping onto other foods) ...

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Unit 301 Outcome 1

UNIT 301 OUTCOME 1 1.1 Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with young children, young people and adults. * To develop positive relationship we need to demonstrate and model effective communication. * Need to consider how we approach other people and respond. * Positive relationship always enables people to communicate information with one another. * Strong and effective communication helps parents and any adults...

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Tour De Georgia and Routine Measures

Description of problem to be solved Task 1 List all the systems of the human body and their functions. Explain how body systems interact to ensure proper functioning and growth of the human body. Deliverables: Learning Outcome 1 (to be met by assessment requirements 1.1 and 1.2) Merit criterion: Has listed all systems of the human body along with their functions and given an example of feedback regulation. Distinction criterion: Has explained feedback regulation in detail by analyzing...

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1.1 Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent. The different areas of development are social, emotional, communication, physical, intellectual and creative. The interdependence of these areas of development will cover a number of the areas if the activities are planned effectively. Social and emotional development Children must have support and help which will help them to develop good self confidence and self esteem. Also it is important children...

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Explain the Social Learning Theory

Explain the Social Learning Theory, making reference to two relevant studies. By Tanisha Sabhaney Behaviouristic theories of learning are essentially theories of conditioning and emphasize the role of reinforcement in learning. One of the mot predominant theories is Albert Bandura’s social learning theory, which assumes that. People learn through observing others’ behavior, attitudes, and outcomes of those behaviors which is called observational learning, that is an indirect form of learning...

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Learning Outcomes And Assessments Criteria Ic

Learning outcomes and assessments criteria. 1. Know the statutory responsibilities and right of the employees and employers within own area of work. 1.1 List the aspects of employment covered by law. Minimum wage, Health and Satety, Redundancy and dismissal, Discrimination, Data protection, Disability discrimination. 1.2 List the main features of current employment legislations. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 It is the duty of the employer to ensure it is safe for all staff to work in their...

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Explain How to Support Children and Young People According to Their Age, Needs and Abilities to Make Personal Choices and Experiences That Have a Positive Impact on Their Lives

CT232 Understand how to support positive outcomes for children and young people In addition to reading page 184 to 207 of your Heinemann level 3 diploma tex book please put together some notes which show you have researched this unit.. Once you have done this please email me your notes so they can be used as evidence. Your notes need to cover the following … 1.1 Describe the social, economic and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of children and young people They are many...

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