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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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Nowadays our world is facing many problems among which overpopulation and pollution are very critical, but they doesn’t seem a serious problem to some of us. Overpopulation can be described as growth of humans more than the normal rate of growth. According to Suzuki, (2008), (pp-88), overconsumption is worse than overpopulation, up to some extent his concept is reliable. The countries which are mainly thought to be responsible for overpopulation are India, China and other Asian countries and this cannot be rejected, as an American or European countries are contributing a lot to it. Overpopulation and overconsumption affects our society in various ways for example, it is depleting the natural resources, reduces opportunities, and increase the crime rate. It’s rightly said that, more people in the party and more food will be consumed, same as more the people and more will be the consumption. The depletion of resources is a major result that will affect all of us. According to Suzuki .David, (2008), ( pp.88),’if we are done with the resources then world is finished for us’. We cannot survive without resources, just imagine our life without petrol for one day, we get scared even thinking about it. I agree with David Suzuki’s idea that overpopulation is not that bad but if we think deeply it is affecting us in a very bad way. Both the problems i.e. overpopulation and overconsumption are hard to control, and these two depends on each other too. Secondly, overpopulation leads to a major problem i.e. drastic reduction in opportunities as, availability is still the same but number of candidates have increased so this is in turn giving rise to the problems like poverty, diseases, and corruption. This is also the root problem for increasing differences amongst the people. People don’t like each other fame and popularity and always thinking against each other, which does not allow them to get united. Crime is a repeating cycle. The more crime there is...
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