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Koptaco has offered its transport since 1997. Koptaco Coaches have all different types of cars, mini-vans and privates coaches. People can book any type of transportation they need and a driver can take them where they like, but with a fee. People can also book for individuals, small groups or larger groups of people. People can book by telephone or even online. Website:

The Malta Tourism Authority was set up in 1999. The MTA gives their time to improve the level of human resources in the tourism industry. They help the government by advising on the planning and the development of the tourism industry. The MTA also ensures that we Maltese have a good relation with local and international media. Website:
Middlesea is an insurance company. Their job is to take care people’s cars, houses, health etc. There are many kinds of insurance such as Fire and Theft, Fully Comprehensive, Third Party Only, Home Insurance, Health Insurance and more. Middlesea not only values their customers but also value their employees to help them achieve the best. Website:

Enemalta is one of the main providers of Malta’s energy generation and distribution, including the importation and the supply of petroleum gasses and liquefied petroleum. The electrical power stations are found in Marsa and Delimara. The company is now getting more aware about our environment to keep the Maltese living in a healthier way. Website:


* Koptaco Coaches Cooperative Ltd is a co-operative type of business .This type of business is when a group of individuals group up with others to meet their common goals as one, instead of opening a business alone. Each member is an owner of the business and has a share of the profits .In this case every owner has only one vote it doesn’t matter how much money you invested in. co-operatives have limited liability which means that if they go bank rapt only the machinery used in the business and the money invested in the business is a stake, and no personal assets will be taken away. * Koptaco consists of 21 members which makes this business a small sized business. * Its scale is national, but it offers services to tourists too

* The Malta Tourism Authority is part of the public sector therefore the government is the owner .This type of company sells shares that can be bought by anyone. The shareholders have limited liability. * The Malta Tourism Authority is part of the SME’s. The company has about 140 employees which make the size of the business a medium sized business. * As for scale, they are set in Malta in the locations Valletta, Sliema and Mellieha, but their clients as tourists.

* Middlesea Insurance p.l.c is a public limited company, which means the shares can be bought by anyone. * Middlesea insurance has a total of 54 employees, which makes the business a medium sized business. * The scale is national as they have offices throughout Malta, this office is found in Floriana.

* Enemalta is part of the public corporation which means that it is owned by the government. Enemalta is run by the board of directors who are chosen by a government minister, who is responsible of the public corporation. * Enemalta has more than 1,500 employees which makes the corporation a large business. * Its scale is a national one.

* Differences in the business purpose between Koptaco Coaches Cooperative LTD and Middlesea Insurance p.l.c.

KOPTACO COACHES COOPERATIVE LTD | MIDDLESEA INSURANCE P.L.C| * Provides transportation services to individuals or groups. | * Provides a service in insurance in both life and non-life matters. |

* Differences in the businesses...
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