Hotel and Marketing Mix

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B629- Managing 2: Marketing and Finance

Problem related to marketing mix and performance measurement

By Yennifer Pereira (PI: A8407709)

August 2012
Word count: 2415
1. Description of my organisation
2. Description of the marketing mix
3. Identify, analyse and summarise a problem relating marketing mix 4. Solution
5. Identify, analyse and summarise a problem relating performance management 6. Solution
7. References

1. Description of my organisation
Travelodge is budget hotel brand that was launch on the UK in 1985 and currently operates more than 450 hotels in Ireland, Spain and the UK. The company is growing very fast and is planning to operate more than 70,000 rooms, approximately over 1000 hotels by 2020 and be the biggest hotels operator in London by the 2012 Olympics. Around eight million people stay with Travelodge every year, booking the rooms online at the company’s webpage. The chain employs more than 6000 staff and is currently owned by Dubai international Capital which acquires the chain on 2006. I had been working in Travelodge for three years, working my way through from chambermaid, receptionist to assistant manager, currently been in position lest that 6 months and still learning the company targets and focus in the market. Currently Travelodge is undergoing their biggest remodelling in their hotels in order to gain back the customers lost to Premier Inn their biggest competitors in the low budget market, due to the poor quality in customer service and the quality of service in the previous years.

2. Description of the marketing mix
Marketing mix is refer as creating the right product that will attract the attention of their customers and this can be done by creating the right product, at the right price, in the right place using the appropriate promotions. Travelodge uses the marketing mix technique on their daily basics as part of the revenue team to generate the savers prices that we use online. Travelodge proud itself from providing low prices and clean and fresh rooms to our main stakeholders which are our customers, but in order to achieve that they must have a revenue team in charge of controlling the prices and promotions put online according to the location of the hotel, time of year and other issues, our revenue team works in this by using the 7 Ps of marketing. To start of they focus in the: Product: Our product will always be de same in all the hotels a clean and fresh rooms Price: This is taking into consideration after the hotel is analysing depending the time of year, location, size and other features. For example to book a room in February during the week in Bournemouth will cost you if book in advance as little as £19 per night, the same hotel also book in advance for the same day of the week will cost you as much as £80, due to the location and the season, in the other hand if you book a hotel in Bournemouth town centre will normally cost you around 20% more that a road side hotel near Bournemouth. That is why is crucial to analyse all the perspectives before setting the prices. Place: This is crucial when planning the revenue of the hotel as a road side hotel will not be as busy as a city centre hotel, or a seasonal hotel is not as profitable in winter as a London hotel in the main shopping street in the same period. Promotion: Travelodge on the daily basic our coming out with promotions to encourage customers to stay with us, a good example of this is that if you book online or by phone on the day, you will get a 10% discount rather that booking direct over the desk. We also encourage guest to purchase food and beverages by always making sure we have promotions available. People: Travelodge focus on hiring the correct team to ensure that our customers has the best service as possible from the moment they book all the way to the moment they check out. This can only be achieved by providing the right...
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