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Capital University of Economic and Business
BTEC Center

No. of Assignment: One
Unit Level: H1
Unit Code: Unit 1
Unit Tutor: Di Jin
Students: Dingjianyu
Date of issue: 2011
Date of submission: 27th May 2011


2Analyze marketing mix strategy adopted by each store including.2 2.1 describe how products are developed to sustain competitive advantage3 2.2 Explain how distribution is arranged to provide customer convenience6 2.3Explain how prices are set to reflect an organization’s objectives and market conditions7 2.4Illustrate how promotional activity is integrated to achieve marketing objectives8 2.5 Analyze the additional elements of the extended marketing mix..10 3 Explain how purchaser behavior affects marketing activities and discrepancy in marketing products and services.11 4Consumer Marketing Strategy13

5 Conclusions16
6 References17


This assignment has been used to solve problems of marketing. There are some methods of data collection that include secondary data collection and primary data collection. The problems could be solved by these parts: 1. Analyze marketing mix strategy adopted by each store including 2. The impacts of buyer behaviors in marketing activities

3. Identify consumer marketing strategy

In part one; it described how products are developed to sustain competitive advantage. There is a case study that has been used to analyze this problem. And then, explaining how distribution is arranged to provide customer convenience. After that, the 4P’s has been analyzed.

2Analyze marketing mix strategy adopted by each store including.

For the entire house decoration market marketing pattern and from the simple to the concept of marketing traditional sales, service and marketing experience marketing, emotional marketing and knowledge marketing, differential marketing change. As a decoration industry, how effective in their own areas, is very important for marketing, the answers to the above - mentioned Marketing Mode analyze the application of home decoration industries.

The concept of marketing is some tangible or intangible products relying, with the help of modern media technology, promote a new concept of consumption to the consumers, give enterprises or products to enrich the connotation and specific taste and social orientation, so as to attract consumers' attention and recognition, and eventually arouse consumers a marketing strategy for new products. As a decoration industry, from design, construction and material concept in the fields of mining, should follow the trend of changes in consumer demand, the introduction of new consumption concept, With vigorous promotion of the mass media, so that consumers eventually accept the concept of consumption and purchasing desire.

2.1 describe how products are developed to sustain competitive advantage

Let’s we talk about the Ji mei and B&Q. The two largest home decoration companies in the Greater China market development strategy 2.1.1The Jimei Company’s research
‘The concept of Product strategies is related to character of product, including product’s function, appearance, and specific character. The manager should think about about product’s chain, brand, and product mix.’ ( Jimei is one of the largest domestic enterprise groups in the capital, from production - oriented enterprises to produce Jimei sofa progressive transformation into market circulation enterprises now the formation of furniture, building materials and home decoration, household goods through - train service system. jimei, the credit market, public commitment to society " first head of Jimei was that you purchase goods " and " the same product, the lowest price, guarantee the capital the lowest price. " jimei, the green environmental protection...
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