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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Ryan Thompson
ENG 101-111
Spring 2013
Documented Essay 1st Draft

People go to the news for important information about the world, their economy, their political condition, and social standings. People are attracted by the news because of the intense action or the emotional drama they would not get to experience were not reading the news papers news articles, listening to the news cast on the radio, or watching a big news channel bring you story’s from all over the world. Pretty much every country has a news system they bring to their people, whether the news reporters have the right to speak freely and about what they think should be broadcasted or not is in total control of the type of government a nation has. If a government is run by an authoritative state the media is not going to have as much freedom on what they are aloud to say rather than, say a democratic state. But even in a democratic country is what you are reading, hearing, and seeing really the truth? Or is some story shaped by government’s, large corporations, and certain important peoples views on what they are reporting? To be an independent media you cannot choose sides or have a feeling for something you would have to able to explain both sides of the story without leaning a certain way. Whether or not it is independent really affects how people of the media bring you the news, whether it is reported or created.

Government’s have a lot of control on the way you receive media. Even though some nations have a democratic government, they still have a lot of say in what you see on the news or in the paper. Authoritative states have almost all say in the way you receive your news and what they want to present you as news. The government usually governed by a monarch, military juntas, or ideologues, transform the news to make people either get important information or to mislead the way people are viewing the ruling state (One Size Does Not Fit All, #5). Where is the line between...
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