A True Core Never Dies

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| Nokia -`A true core never dies`|

Nokia -`A true core never dies`
New York, 26th March 2013
On 26th march 2013 Nokia is being declared bankrupt by the finish court of justice due to illiquidity and numerous still outstanding deliveries. Do you think this is really going to happen?
It might – but I don`t believe so! Since Nokia`s founding in 1865 as a wood pulp mill at the Tammerkoski Rapids in south-western Finland the company has been concerned all about connecting people; the company’s core principle and slogan till today. Not only is wood pulp the essence to produce paper but more over it has been the most influencing communication technology since 3 thousand years before Christ in the antique Egyptian empire were it has been originally founded as papyrus. Enchanting to read isn`t it? But do these facts make Nokia a visionary and admirable company? An organization such premier in its industry that it is highly admired by its peers being able to look back to a long-term record of significant world impact? Maybe – but almost all this facts also account for every other paper manufacturing company in the world as they do for Nokia. Therefore I invite you to follow me onto a journey to find out if Nokia really is a visionary company not only from my point of view but also from the scientifically proven methods of Jim Collins book `Built to last`. Launching for centuries

Once Nokia was founded in 1865 as a wood pulp mill surely no one would have ever guessed that only 100 years later a joint venture with a rubber and a cable manufactory would result in a company producing electrical devices. It almost sounds like a fairy-tale that small Nokia developed from being a cycle tyre producer connecting people throughout greater mobility over being Europe’s third largest TV producer in 1987 into the world’s largest mobile phone producing and selling entity in the 1990 with an average annual turnover of 31€ million. This all changed as the giant millennium celebrations all over the world adumbrated the new century multi-tasking phones being connected to the internet revolutionized and ruled the mobile phone market from now on. Nokia still being majorly focused on environmentally and socially responsible production as well as on recycling was thrown back even though their affords concerning sustainability were numerously awarded but this didn`t change anything regarding the deteriorating financial situation. What would you have done in such a situation being outmoded by several competitors such as Apple? Surely you would have moved! You would have done something! Not letting others overrule you! Guess what Nokia did? Also move? Wrong, Nokia just waited and observed. After almost one decade of resignation Nokia reacted in 2011 according to the approach `harder competition requires smarter phones` to beat rivalling ecosystems like iOS and Android; Nokia`s solution the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 710 the world’s first Nokia-Windows phones were introduced. But shortly referring back to Nokia`s reaction regarding the sudden changing market situation in 2000. Everyone knowing something about economics would have reacted differently than Nokia did. WAITING almost 10 years doing nothing in today’s rapidly globalizing world could have ruined their business. Just as business students are told in universities all over the world stagnation, resignation, resistance will cause your bankruptcy. Yes, indeed it could have but it is within Nokia`s genes to see, wait, observe. Let the others test it and fail they will lose the money not we do. Compared to every other company Mr. Collins, his colleague Mr. Porras and I know jumping on a train to late or having to chase it might not necessarily be beneficial for your business; but...
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