Strategy Formation and Planning of Nokia

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II.Context of Nokia business strategy and the significance of stakeholder 1.Vision
a.Internal (Employees)
b.Connected (Customers and suppliers)
c.External (Government)
III.External environment and organizational audit
1.PESTEL (located in Finland)
2.Five force
3.Organizational audit
IV.SWOT analysis of company and strategic positioning techniques to the analysis of Nokia 1.Value chain
3.Strategic positioning
4.Market penetration
V.External environment in Vietnam
3.Five forces


Nokia is one of the largest companies which provide mobile service. In the case, Nokia is known to be the world leader in mobility, driving the transformation and growth of the converging Internet and communications industries. In June 2006, Nokia and Siemens announced plans to merge Nokia’s networks business and the carrier-related operations of Siemens into a new company, to be called NokiaSiemens Networks. NokiaSiemens Networks is a leading enabler of communication services. The company is one of the top three vendors in the telecommunications infrastructure industry and continues the legacy of two industry champions – Nokia and Siemens (NokiaSiemens network, 2008).

Context of Nokia business strategy and the significance of stakeholder

Each company always has the own vision and mission. Company will give the vision which makes managers and staff work to achieve.


Vision of Nokia is a world where every one can be connected (Nokia, 2008). It means that they want to be the world leader in mobility. In fact, they are going to achieve their vision when their products cover mobile market. The information in the case which is to affirm their determination to customers; the specifies message that is conveyed to consumers in every advertisement and market communication (though not necessary in these words) is “Only Nokia Human Technology enables you to get more out of life”.


Mission describes an organization’s basic function in society (BPP, p10). In Nokia Company, there are three missions. They always try to make their customer feel satisfied. Consumers are actives and engaged, it means that they give their guarantee for customers about quality of product and service. This is the answer for first question: ‘who is to be served and satisfied? ’. The second question is what need is to be satisfied. In order to answer this question, Nokia has the second mission, which is a progressive and continuous increase in consumer involvement with technology and communication globally. Thirdly, social networks are becoming central for how people communicate (Nokia, 2007).


Group Executive Board is in the highest level in Nokia organization. This group includes President and CEO of Nokia Corporation, Executive Vice president, Chief Executive officer and Executive Vice Presidents. They have responsibility to manage the operations of Nokia. Then, the chairman and the members of the Group Executive Boars are appointed by the Board of Directors. Board of Directors involves Chairman and Vice Chairman (Nokia, 2008). With Board of Directors Chairman, their responsibilities are active, not passive, and include the responsibility regularly to evaluate the strategic direction of the company, management policies and the effectiveness with which management implements them, and assesses the overall risk of the company. The Board’s responsibilities further include overseeing the structure and composition of the company’s top management and monitoring legal compliance and the management of risks related to the company’s operations (Nokia, 2008).

Devices are responsible for developing the best device portfolio for the marketplace, including sourcing of components. In year 2008, Nokia...
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