Marketing Plan: New Mobile Phone

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Australian Release

Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

Nokia has proven to the business world that they are one of the most prestigious mobile technology companies in the industry. With more technology advancements than our market can handle at this point in time, Nokia is paving the way for the future in electronics. One of the most popular “status symbol toys” in any market today, is the Mobile Phone. The first ever mobile phone without a battery is to be launched in June of 2012, and has already had a major impact on the market with a Press Release advising consumers of its launch to be held in Australia. With the release later this year, Nokia is set to dominate the market, aiming to control at least 50% of the total market share. Nokia’s product, the new INDUCTECO mobile phone, is incomparable to competition with its ultra-thin transparent screen, Induction Based charging capabilities, It’s brand new windows mobile platform and the amazing new Telstra incorporated plans made just for the INDUCTECO. Although the INDUCTECO is easily filling a gap in the market that has never been reached, we still have very detailed strategies and tactics that we believe will give us an increased competitive advantage over our competition. Nokia has a strong focus towards sustainability, integration, and amazing innovation. Nokia is always preparing for the next big item to hit the market, which is why their technology is so far ahead of all leading competitors. The recent year has seen us form a strong alliance with Microsoft. We have combined our quality of product recognition, sustainability and reputation with Microsoft’s quality of Operating Systems to create the ultimate high tech latest mobile phone. Of course, throughout our journey through this market, we will continue to provide the best ad campaigns for our target market so that they will never forget our product. We will put as much prominence as possible in the innovative design, the future thinking operating system and the one of a kind induction based charging system, only available in the Nokia INDUCTECO series. By having an effective ad campaign, we will be able to catch the eye of many different target groups. Our major target group is the Gen Y era around the ages of 15-30, both female and male, living in Australian Capital cities. Studies show that this category is more likely to buy the phone to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’ or to own the ‘latest technology’. Within the Gen Y targeted group are the “gadget gurus”. These are groups that consist of young people who grasp onto new technology quickly. If the discussed strategies and tactics are successfully carried out, Nokia and the INDUCTECO series Mobile Phone, will hold the top spot in the mobile market for years to come. When this market starts to decline, Nokia will have the technology ready for the next big wave of high tech mobile phones.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary2
Table of Contents3
Situation Analysis5
External Analysis7
Internal Analysis12
S.W.O.T Analysis14
The Goals and Objectives4
The Target Market(s) and Segmentation5
Marketing Mix Strategy8
Evaluation and Control16
Implementation / Action Plan / Schedule17
The Finances21
Conclusions and Recommendations24


Nokia is well known as being one of the world’s largest mobile communications device manufacturers. Nokia has held a strong competitive leadership position over the past two decades however, with constant changing and new emerging technologies, Nokia as with its competitors, has to strive to be at the forefront of the market. Nokia’s mission statement is simple “Connecting People” and that is exactly what the company does. Nokia has a strong focus towards sustainability and already offer innovative eco-friendly devices. In 2010 Dow Jones Indexes named Nokia as the “world’s most sustainable technology company”...
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