Women Entreprenureship

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This report is an attempt to analyze the role played by Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs (COWE) - a NGO which helps the women to face and tackle various problems and the factors which prevent growth and development of women to start their business .This project also throws light on the role of this organization in promoting women entrepreneurship in Hyderabad.

Women empowerment has been increasing so rapidly all over the world and women are starting their own business to seek greater control over their personal and professional lives. The rapid change in socioeconomic circumstances has led to the emergence of women entrepreneurs.

Over the last decade, the role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in development of the women has been widely recognized. The NGOs play an important role in bridging the gap between the human and physical resources. Thus creating appropriate entrepreneurial environment and generating new opportunities. Recent studies suggest that women face more hurdles of different magnitude when compared to men entrepreneurs.

The NGO’s should strive to help the women in less developed countries especially those women who are seriously faced with poverty and for these women entrepreneurship is one of the practical solutions to survive. The NGO’s and the private sector should take up this objective domestically as well as globally to promote women entrepreneurship.

COWE provides vivid illustration of financial assistance, training and emotional support to women entrepreneurs. The goal of the organization is to expand women's opportunities through the promotion of access to and participation in economic processes like their Trade Carnivals. NGO’s such as COWE are simultaneously strengthening Indian society by helping the socioeconomic circumstances and autonomy of women.


The research problem in view is the role of the NGO in promoting women entrepreneurship. The activities performed by COWE in solving the problems of women in setting up the business. The project also determines the motivators for women in venturing into entrepreneurship.

This report gives an overview on the role of a NGO in promoting the women entrepreneurship. The report analyses the problems faced the women in setting up a business and also the motivational factors for the women. The significance of this report is that it will help COWE in better understanding the women and empowering the women.

a. To know the historical background of COWE
b. To understand the role of the organization in encouraging the women c. To determine the marketing strategies and awareness of COWE d. To analyze problems unique to women in setting up and running their enterprises. e. To give relevant suggestions and conclusions

In view of the objectives of this report which are listed above, a simple random sample as research design has been adopted to study the problems faced by women entrepreneurs, a structured questionnaire covering different aspects of women entrepreneurs was shaped and sent to the sample women entrepreneurs.

Out of the 500 women registered with COWE, only 150 women were approached by the way of questionnaire, out of which 100 responses were recorded. The research methodology by the way of the questionnaire was hindered by the reluctance of the women to receive any E-Mails and also the remaining women could not be approached due to lack of technical know-how, i.e. E-mail. 1.4.2 SOURCES OF INFORMATION

This report includes collection of data from both primary and secondary sources. The primary data has been collected by conducting a survey among the sample women entrepreneurs with the help of a well-structured questionnaire. The secondary data has been collected from various NGO’s journals, newspapers, research projects,...
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