Nike Sweat Shops

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Nike Debate
Business Aspect:
Nike is a business and their priority is to minimize cost and maximize revenue for its public shareholders ⦁COUNTER AGRUMENT: Instead of attacking Nike, protest against taxes and regulations that lower the firms return on invested capital, leading to lower wages for the employees? ( ⦁COUNTER AGRUMENT:Why dont we make Nike shoes in America? Shoe business in the U.S. has been non profitable since 1984. Nike had two factories in Maine and New Hampshire but had to close them down in 1984 forcing them move to Asia. Although, if they used the same techniques to make shoes in the U.S today, it would cost $100 more. So sales prices of todays nike shoes are 70, they would retail for 170. ( ⦁COUNTER ARGUMENT: Nike moving overseas takes jobs from Americans? most the jobs the workers in China and Vietnam were filling would not suffice for the more skilled American counterparts. A highly advanced economy such as the United States would want more skilled labor ( ⦁"Nike has gone into a country with its manufacturing operations, wages have increased and poverty has decreased." (Phil Knight, Chief Executive Officer of Nike) ⦁Nike will increase support of its Micro Enterprise Loan Program to a thousand families each in the nations of Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Thailand. This program provides loans to women who wish to create small businesses. Knight’s goal was to provide capital for more than five thousand businesses before June of 1999. Unemployed women who can run small businesses that boost their family’s economic well being as well as contribute to the community’s overall development are the focus of this program. (
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