Witfor 2007 Challenges and Prospects of Information Technology Based Commercial Enterprises for Women

Topics: India, South Asia, Asia Pages: 3 (657 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Dr K M Baharul Islam
MA, LLB, B.Ed., PhD, Post-Doctorate (Bangkok), LLM (Glasgow)

Chairman & CEO South Asian Regional Development Gateway

25 May 2007 Professor Klaus BRUNNSTEIN President IFIP - International Federation for Information Processing Hofstraße 3, A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria Dear Professor Klaus: Hope you are keeping well. It has been long time since we met at WITFOR 2005 in Botswana. I am pleased to learn that IFIF is organizing the WOTFOR 2007 in Addis Ababa that was my workplace till recently. As the WITFOR 2007 will focus on an area of my close interest and long time research ie, ICT FOR DEVELOPMENT AND PROSPERITY, I would like to participate in the event and share my experiences from African-Asian contexts and perhaps, discuss gender related issues at a plenary presentation/focal paper. I am sending an abstract of the paper / plenary presentation entitled “Challenges and Prospects of Information Technology Based Commercial Enterprises for Women” for your kind consideration. Hope you find the paper useful for a plenary presentation. Looking forward to meeting you soon.


K M Baharul Islam

46, Sijubari Chariali, Guwahati 781038 Assam India Tel /Fax: +91 361 2235655 Cell: +91 94350 72356 Email: drbahar@gmail.com

Challenges and Prospects of Information Technology Based Commercial Enterprises for Women Dr K M Baharul Islam Chairman & CEO South Asia Development Gateway Email: sardeg@gmail.com

In understanding the impact of Information Technology (IT) based commercial enterprises on women, especially in respect of their poverty alleviation in poorer countries, it is important to understand the problems and challenges of commercial ventures led by women in the global perspective. The position of women, even in the developing world, has been far from uniform or nonlinear in this emerging global scenario. In some developing countries, such as India or the Philippines, women have become major recipients of this globally...
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