Water Harvesting and Efficient Land Utilization in Satpura Hilly Area [Jabalpur]

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A famous statement is that the next world war if happen is only for taking the ownership of the water and than land. In Satpura hilly area there are many adverse and negative conditions are persist which does not permit crop productions like deficiency of water, high pumping cost, heavy ecological problems as water and wind erosion, high transportation cost, no support from canals and rivers, undeveloped waste land, limited agronomical acceptability.                                            Soil and water engineering gives many operational structures which drive the sustainable cultivation in hilly and mountainous regions. For the proper water management taking area in to account we make a percolation tank which take the water in the monsoon seasons and permit that water to percolate and increase the ground water potential and this percolation tank can also be used as a farm pond by covering the bottom with polythin according to the need and that storage water uses in dry seasons and critical stages of the crop production. To protect the land cover and soil we make a grassed water way which takes the runoff water away from the cropping field, and we provide the bench terraces which make the cultivation easier and allow inter culturing operation comfortably, it reduces the soil erosion as well as unnecessary water logging in some areas. At the end of the grassed water way a drop inlet spill way provides greater strength to soil conservation.                                          By the drip irrigation (Most effective & efficient method) there is more control on irrigation and these proper management of water permits to change the cropping pattern from conventional agronomical to horticultural like orchards and medicinal plants. There is vital demand of medicinal plants in the market now days. The plants are more dormant to the climate and give high yield and good net income to the farmer and cultivation is not so difficult and in the other hand orchards provides more ecological balance to us. We cover the boundaries of the hilly area by shelter belts which reduce the wind velocity and also bind the soil by their roots. We also think about to install a wind-mill which can use as the alternative energy sources.                                            Now this is the time to build up the confidence in the farmer for the cultivation in the hilly areas by providing engineering measures. We know that population is increasing in very great extent with respect to the time and space for the agriculture is reducing day by day and these give the opportunity to the farmer and engineer to go up from downside of the hills to upper portion remember up till soil is not exhausted and farmer gets fresh soil although it is mixed with stones but it is almost free from salinity and alkanity. Indian farmers have capability to doing the hard works need is only for changing the present scenario by the ecological management of soil, water and crop.


A famous statement is that the next world war if happen is only for taking the ownership of the water and than land. Water is the most precious natural resource and a universal asset. Water provides life-supporting systems for human beings, vegetation/plants and animals. India with geographical area of 328 million hectares in which area is 165 million hectares, only 35% is irrigated. The land and water availability per capita in India is much lesser than other countries in the world. Importance of water and its development for various needs and...
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