Who Is a Good Negotiator

Topics: Marketing, Negotiation Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Who is a good negotiator?
In business life, negotiations are very essential, because there are a lot of important issues in a company’s life, which have to be solved through a negotiation. A good negotiator has to have some special qualities to succeed in business life. We could learn them, or develop during our carrier. The more negotiations we can participate, the easier we can use these qualities. The most important is planning. We must prepare to a negotiation to avoid most of the surprises, and to know everything about our company. With planning we can prepare ourselves to the potential questions that we can get during a negotiation. We have to utilize the power of our market position, because if we are the market leaders, we shouldn’t finish the negotiation as the second or third one in the market. And we should be aware of our opponent’s market position as well. We also have to have practical intelligence, in order to react fast to the issues. In my opinion, clear thinking under stress in also one of the most important qualities of a negotiator. Because we should insist on our company’s best, or perhaps we have to find out new ideas, solutions of offers very quickly. As for socializing, honesty is the most important. It is a little bit interesting; because nobody is completely honest, during a negotiation, but everybody assume that his or her partner is honest. And everybody claims that about themselves. In a negotiation, verbal clarity is also important. We should avoid misunderstandings, so we have to use the exact words which express what we want to say. We should avoid mystifying and hints. We always have to talk clearly. If we are not sure, what our business partner wants to say, we should ask him, what he means. If we won our opponent’s respect, he would treat us in an equal way. He or she will take us serious, and the negotiation could be very successful.

In my opinion a business negotiation is not so easy, but if we can use these...
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