Ingratiation in a Negotiation

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  • Published : October 17, 2008
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Nowadays, we have to be ready to negotiate at every time in every place. We have to be formed to face to this new way of thinking. Negotiation goes from big countries negotiation to negotiation with his family for example so we are all day long facing to negotiation situation. But negotiation can be very complex and can use a lot of different techniques in order to be the best and to have the best results that we can. Tactic chosen will depend on the parties and negotiators. With relatives, we can play with feelings. In fact, emotions are expected to affect negotiations.

Tactics of ingratiation in a negotiation

In negotiation, we don’t need compromise but perception “How do I feel?” By the way, it is important to create a pleasant atmosphere. When people are more confident they are more attending to negotiate. When we provide people with the impression they are special and unique, they tend to easily accept the term of the negotiation. The flattery is a useful way to attend our objectives. The development of a friendly behavior helps to collect people consensus. In fact, it is a process by which people successfully persuade other to follow their suggestions. We are leading them toward a point that we had before decided and in doing so we are giving them the impression that they are their own master. The use of the flattery makes us more able to affect the behaviors of other in particular direction. Indeed, negotiators are less on the defensive. We feel we are part of the same group, we have the same goals. It is the same thing in a family negotiation: children tend to be nice when they have something to ask their parents, they praise them! This influence tactic is the ingratiation. It is the development of friendly behavior, use of flattery and praise. If we're to gain co-operation and understanding, then the ability to effectively influence and persuade others, without manipulation, becomes vital.

Personal appeals in a negotiation

In a negotiation...
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