Negotiation & Communication - Article Review

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  • Published : October 23, 2010
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Matthew A. Hudnall

Negotiations and Communications

Part One

Article Review

Amberton University

Negotiation Skills MGT5193.E1

Dr. Timothy Staley

Fall 2010

All communication is cultural, suggests the article by Liangguang Huang. Professionals at every skill level are asked to communicate with a number of different cultures in today’s business world. The virtual business world continues to grow and reach parts of the globe that otherwise would have remained untouched.

From the time we are born and become aware of the world around us we learn both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication. Chinese companies now do business with foreign companies due to the implementation of Economic Reform and Opening policies. So when one country communicates with another, cross-cultural communications play an important role. Cultures from one to the next differ from each other, no matter how slight or profound. If one person from another culture gets a distorted view of what the other is trying to communicate, then the negotiation can be rendered useless and ineffective and can then ultimately lead to the negotiation failing.

With an increasingly competitive market, in many cases, the business world has turned global in order to meet its needs. Because of this many companies are facing difficulties in communicating with cultures that are foreign to them. When the channels of communication are distorted, however, this can weaken a company’s position in the market. There are many cultural differences that may make it difficult for business negotiations and this article touches on several of the key variables.

“Greetings” are something that we encounter almost everyday. However different cultures say “how do you do” in different ways. Negotiating styles, attitudes toward time, body language/gestures, meanings of numbers, and even gift giving are all viewed...
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