Negotiation Skills

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Identify guidelines that you should follow during the negotiation
Negotiation involves a two-way communication and the outcome is influenced by the mindset, abilities, and techniques used by the parties of the negotiation. One guideline to the outcome of any negotiation is dependent upon getting the timing right. To achieve this try to organize and plan the circumstances for the negotiation beforehand. This also involves considering the possible outcomes of the negotiation to better understanding the variables that are most important. A second guideline during negotiation would be for all parties to evaluate themselves. A third guideline is to know what you are getting into and who you are dealing with. Another guideline is to be attentive and learn to listen well. Keep in mind that negotiating has to be a two-way communication to be effective - it will never work if the discussion is one- way traffic. The last guideline is to be willing to walk away by never being pressured to win a negotiation. Identify steps of the negotiation process

The first step in any negotiation process involves understanding the issue at hand. This step often takes place before the two parties enter into formal talks. Each side must come into the negotiations with a clear idea of what the conflict is and what he wants to gain from the proceedings. The next step is for each side to present his case. This involves explaining what the individual’s goal is, what he wants to gain, and what he is willing to offer up in return. Both sides must listen to each other for the negotiations to proceed successfully. The final step in the negotiation process is fulfilling the agreement. In more complex negotiations, the solution may be a more long term commitment, or a working partnership between two parties. Apply guidelines that will enable you to facilitate effective communication during the negotiation

Negotiation is most effective when people are able to clearly identify...
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